Thursday, December 15, 2011

Belly pics SO FAR!

Okay, I was looking at some twin blogs the other day, and it was so fun (and SCARY) to see how big the mommy's got! I wanted to start posting Belly pictures, more to chart the journey for me than anything. It is fun to see how big I have grown thus far, and these babes are only 1 lb. each! O man...we have 10 lbs. more to go, of PURE BABY! It will be a wild next few months, that is for sure! By the end I am sure I will regret posting pictures of myself! ha. Bring it on, Grow babes GROW!
10 weeks

14 Weeks

16 Weeks

19 Weeks

22 Weeks


Chelsea said...

You're talking about my blog, aren't you. You went back and looked at my pictures at the end of the twin pregnancy. Now you're afraid, very afraid. Hmph. Thanks alot.

I didn't even post the worst ones - if you want something to really be scared of, I'll email them to ya! Ha!

Good luck - I think you look absolutely great! IMO, pregnant bellies are one of the most beautiful sights to see. And it doesn't matter how big you get - you'll burn tons of calories nursing two babies! :)

Chelsea and Cody said...

Ha...Chelsea you crack me up. It wasn't your pics...but now I am going to go look at them! haha. I am super excited to see the babies rolling around in there in the coming weeks. I hope you are ready for lots of emails with questions...I am already getting lists ready for you!

Marjie said...

You look DARLING!!!

Richard and Carlie said...

You look so great! So glad everything is going so well! Hope you guys have a great Christmas!