Saturday, September 22, 2007

Before "I Do"

Let's start way back in the day...Cody and I went to Cancun for my brother and Alexsis's wedding in 2004. This pictures is after we went snorkeling and saw a MASSIVE stingray. A few months after we went to Mexico, Cody left on his mission to Columbus, OH. (Go Buckeyes!...Cody's two cents). We didn't really write on the mission...I think I wrote him and he never wrote me back, Cody thinks just the opposite! He came home, and....

Nothing...for a while anyhow! Cody went on a cruise to Alaska with his whole family....couples only. So, this is Cody with his "signifigant other"! Soon to be Chelsea Adelle!

This Picture was taken on my 21st birthday-3 days after Cody and I went on our first date. Just a little story of our first date...So, we had been hanging out for a while, Cody was basically chasing me daily! hehe! (He has a different story, but I am the one doing the blog!) Anyway, he finanlly got up the guts to ask me out...kind of...he TEXTED me! "Do you have any plans on Friday night? Alright then, we are going on a date!" And that was that....we went to the Pursuit of Happyness and P.F. Changs.


Idaho Hodges said...

Welcome to the blogging world. We'll have to learn together. See you guys next week.
Love Missy

Anonymous said...

Oh, how amazing your momma thinks you are. I totally believe you -- not Cody !!!