Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Wedding Day!

Alright, what you have all been begging for!!! Pictures of our wedding day! (Okay, maybe no one has really been BEGGING, but I have been excited to finally get a few on here!) This was kind of fun to make a slideshow of some of our pictures. It pretty much took forever, and Cody MIGHT have made fun of me a little while I was doing it, but it was so worth it! Cute, Huh?!(P.S. This slideshow was inspired by the adorable one that my sister-in law Missy made of her kids!)


Ashley Wray said...

Cute slide show, I haven't figured that out yet. Hey, did you see on my friends list that Chad and Misti and Nels and Andrea have blogs? Check them out and add them to yours!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I totally love your blog and you ! The slide show is great. MOM