Sunday, November 18, 2007

Movies, Movies, MOVIES!

That is pretty much what our weekend consisted of, movies and eating, as always!!!! On Friday we went to Rumbi Island Grill with Laurel(Cody's mom). It was yummy! They have sweet potatoe fries...which sounds weird, but they are scrumpsious! Then, we rented WE ARE MARSHALL. It was a major tear-jearker. My mom told me that she cried the entire movie, so I figured I would only cry about mom has a soft heart! But, lo and behold, my eyes were either welled up with tears or I was gasping for air the entire movie! It was great, but definitely don't watch it if you can't handle a little, or a lot, of sadness! (Some good cuddle time girls...unless you start getting his should a little TOO WET...he might start to shy away a little!)
Saturday we took Laurel to the airport, and RUSHED back to see the Ohio State vs. Michigan game. Okay, Okay, so Cody watched the game while I slept in a very akward position on the couch next to him. I have this thing that even when I know that I am going to nap for the entire game, I don't want to go into bed to sleep, because then I am not "spending time" with Cody. Lame newlywed thing I guess! Anyway, we then went grocery shopping, the usual Costco visit, and then to Olive Garden. We shared a meal, Five CHEESE Ziti...mmmm mmm good! Then, we went to "Dan in REAL LIFE" at the Provo Towne Center. Once more, quite the tear jerker...only if you are as emotional as my mother and I! But, we loved it! Cody even enjoyed it quite a bit! There were really funny parts, and it is so true to real life happenings it is CRAZY! We recommend seeing this one in the expensive theater!
Today, Sunday, was a lazy day...just the way we LIKE IT! Cody cooked up some mean steak, and Daniel (Katie Fiance) brought us some AMAZING brownies! He said that they were out of a box...but he had to have done something to them, they were delicious! The picture above isn't QUITE how they looked, but they tasted as good as these one look! Thanks Daniel!


Luke and Lacee said...

Sounds like you had another weekend of good eats, glad to hear it. Luke rented We are Marshall a few weeks ago, I did not even watch it with him. I knew I would probably be like you the whole movie, and I do not like to cry! ~Lacee

Ashley said...

Yummy, Chelsea how do you stay so skinny with all this great food all the time! Just kidding, that is the perk of being a newlywed, weekends with nothing to do but be together! Love it! I like We are Marshall, I got teary a couple of times, but I really want to see Dan in Real Life. Anyways, glad you're having fun and living up the newly married stage, it's a great time!

adorable pearsons said...

Man, I don't know if I have ever read a blog that makes me more hungry! I love all the food talk. We saw Dan in Real Life too- one of our first dates in like a year and loved it. But I wasn't sure if it was b/c we see about 1 movie a year or if it was b/c it really was a good movie-either way I second the suggestion to see it in the theater.