Sunday, January 25, 2009


Yes...we are doing it. For the next 90 days, we will be slaves to Tony Horton-in our own home-on our own television. There are 12 different workouts, including chest and back, plyometrics, shoulders and arms, yoga, legs and back, kenpo, stretch, core cynergistics, chest, shoulders and triceps, back and biceps, cardio, and...the AB RIPPER!
Before and after pictures are required, however, we have chosen NOT to post those! We Might (with a capital M) post the AFTER'll just have to wait and see I guess!
Not only is this a hardcore workout program, but it is an INTENSE diet, which, IS NOT OPTIONAL. They pretty much tell you that on every page of the 200 page manual...therefore, I have learned, IT IS NOT OPTIONAL. So, this is what we will be eating... for the first month anyway. (Notice the massive bottle of Ibuprofen in the upper right corner!! I am sure that we will go through a FEW bottles of those!!!)
There are 3 phases(1 for each month) and you get to add more food in at each phase. I didn't put the meat that is included...and there is definitely MEAT included. The first 4 weeks, Cody has to eat SEVEN servings of protein, and I have to eat FIVE! That is sickening, honestly...but, they say it works! (By they I mean pretty much everyone that has tried it!)

So, wish us luck... we're gonna need it.


Ashley Wray said...

First of all, you both look great to begin with, but I am excited for you! I've never even heard of this, so if you like it I might have to give it a try (or borrow yours :)
Good luck, I'm sre you will be 1 buff looking couple when you're all finished, but I so want to see the before and after pics!
Dang, this probably means no yummy recipes on your cooking blog for awhile huh?

Emilee said...

I have to say my thoughts while I was reading your blog were the same as Ashley's. You both look great and I will miss your yummy recipes!

ensadler said...

I just want to know the soreness level at the end of this week or the next for that matter! :) I know you will have fun! The diet would be an option for me as I don't think I could eat like that, not to mention the cost of the grocery bill. Aaron wasn't allowed to do the full on diet for financial reasons. To eat like that you have to PAY! Good luck I can't wait to see the results. Maybe after you are done your knee will be strong and you can run with me in the summer!

Idaho Hodges said...

I chose to go the Weight Watchers way and have dropped 7 lbs so far. I wont be a ripped as you though.

Carrie Jo said...

Girl you crazy! Just kidding-good luck! Never heard of this guy but sounds intense. Is that Syntha 6 I see? Do you get to pick your protein shakes or what? If you do I became quite the expert working at Gold's...FYI

PS-the word verification is still on here

Carrie Jo said...
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Carrie Jo said...

I forgot to tell you last night that the protein that I would recommend (when the Syntha 6 is gone anyway, cuz that is a good one too) is Metabolic Drive-chocolate. It's pretty low cal and was my favorite. A lot of the girls at Gold's liked that one too. Anyway, hope you enjoyed your shake last night!

chelsea mckell said...

Chelsea… seriously, you are my hero. I think it’s so flippin awesome to be that ambitious. Especially since you two are already thin and healthy-looking – soon you’re gonna be ULTRAsuperduper buff! Cant wait to see/hear updates on how it goes. If I had more discipline (and maybe a husband to do it with me) I’d join ya. I asked Brian once if he would do a 6-day cleanse with me…. he said only if we could go to Hawaii afterwards. Hmph.
OH – and next Saturday… I have a 10K at 11am. So I should be ready and have her ready by 1p for her bday pics!

David and Heather said...

We are going to live in Village Green to. Who ever thought we would'be ended up being neighbors in Omaha?