Monday, February 23, 2009

P90X Update

Well, it has officially been one month since we started our intense workout/eating program. We feel so successful, and we are only 1/3 of the way through the program! It is already well worth the booko bucks we spent and continue to spend on supplements, healthy food, protein bars, etc.
Here are some of the highlights of our experience so far:
1) In the beginning, we could only do 3-5 of each of the AbRipperX exercises. I can now do at least 20 of each of  the exercises, and Cody can do anywhere from 15-25 on each exercise.
2) Cody wore his nice khaki church pants on Sunday and the were much looser, they used to be quite snug! My jeans are feeling much looser around the waistline, despite the looming tightness is my thighs!
3) We are still eating rather plain meals...not too exciting in our kitchen these days! (We have been cheating on Weekend nights...we just can't seem to give up our Cafe Rio salad!) With the beginning of the new month, we now get more carbs and less protein, which is a beautiful thing!
4) We are becoming quite fond of Tony, the trainer. Well, most of the time anyway!
5) My leg has began to burn a tiny bit less. I would say it has decreased from burning 90% of the time to about 75%, that is definitely a plus in my book. I pray that the decrease continues.
6) We have both moved up in our weight or reps in our exercises. I am shooting for reps, (toning), Cody is shooting for weight, (strength).
7) We took our one month photos today and we can each see a change in our pooches(aka our tummy roll!) We can also see more definition on Cody's arms, traps, and chest. (We didn't analyze my chest..hehe!) You can't see the pictures yet, we aren't quite to that level of confidence!
Overall, we are definitely not where we want to be but can tell that we are getting just a tiny step closer to where we want to be. Thanks to all of you who keep asking us how it is going, it is so true that telling people your goals helps you to accomplish them. For those of you looking into P90X...I highly recommend it.


Ashley Wray said...

Thanks for the update, I guess I'm just nosy, but I wanted to hear how it was going! Sounds like you guys are doing amazing!
I'm definetly going to look into doing it, I think I'd have convince Andrew to do it with me because I have little to no will power if there are goodies around!

leah said...

I want to know how it goes - you know when all is said and done how it was. Tan can eat whatever and always look great and I have pretty good genes but I would like to be really toned.

Brooks and Heather Lively said...

I happened upon your blog a while ago... I swear I'm not a stalker... and I was dying to know how it was going because I want to do it to lose the baby weight. Way to go!

Brian and chelsea said...

Chels - I love that you have a nonstalker that commented - you're familiar with those, aren't ya?

Great update! Looking forward to more. brave... pictures!