Sunday, November 22, 2009

Love this time of the year

Thanksgiving! Christmas! I love this time of year. I am so, so excited for this week....maybe it is because I only have two days of work, maybe it is because I get to see my hubbs for 4 days in a row, maybe it is because my mouth waters just THINKING about Thursday, who knows! I just know that I can't wait for the upcoming month.
We are having Thanksgiving dinner with Aaron and Erika. They are frying a turkey (yes, FRYING...I have heard it is D-licious, even though I am a little scared!), Erika is whipping up homemade pies, (she is a better woman than me, I would have resorted to Costco!) and she is making corn. I am doing the potatoes, (sweet with brown sugar and marshmallows AND mashed regular ones) homemade rolls, (I am trying a new recipe so say a prayer for me!) and homemade stuffing (don't you worry...I have a box of Stove Top on hand just in case I fail miserably!) Overall we should have way too much food just like every other Thanksgiving meal.
This year, for the first time, Cody and I have been scoping the Black Friday sales. I guess when you get really poor and in debt buying stuff for 1/4 of the price, even if it is at 4 am, sounds more appetizing! We have seen quite a few things that we would like to shoot for, but it sounds like we will have to narrow down our options and get the one we want/need most!
It is only 30 days until we fly home for Christmas! We can't wait! I am bummed, however, that I will, again, be missing the family Progressive Dinner Party. It is my favorite. I can't wait until we live in B-Town again and can join in that fun. My sister and brother will both be home for Christmas so it should be a blast. Not to mention the 8 days with no work or school...SWEET!
Just a couple of side notes:
-I love Rummikub. LOVE it. Me and hubbs played it tonight. It made my day!
-We saw New Moon on Friday, loved it...I am pretty sure this one will be my favorite of all four movies considering it was my favorite book.
-I want to see the new Sandra Bullock movie, "Blind Side" I have heard that it is amazing.
-I can't seem to get anything done lately. Not sure why, just laziness I guess!
-It makes me happy beyond belief to talk on the phone to people I love. I hope I get a bluetooth for Christmas so I can talk even more, and multi-task!
-I am so happy that my dad didn't die jumping out of an airplane last week!
-Life is good, really, really good.


Brian and chelsea said...

Just a couple of side note commentary:
-I love Rummikub too!
-I saw it too, and loved it - though I can't believe book 2 was your fav. You're like the only one on the planet.
-You and lazy doesn't sound right together.
-Call me then!
-You should try jumping out of one too! It's fun.
-I know why it's so good.... cuz you have a Williams-Sonoma recipe book holder! BOOYAH. (so glad you use it!)

AmandaS said...

We are sooo excited to see you guys! Especially "Aunt Cody"!!

Amy said...

I love your outlook on life! We have been so very poor at times with a child and house remodel and it was a struggle to stay positive and happy through it all. You are a good example! Have a great Thanksgiving and I am jealous that you get to go back home for Christmas! Give your mommy a hug for me!

Em and Bart said...

Chels, you are such a positive happy person! I love that about you! It sounds like things are good I am glad you posted! I also love Rummikub and I kill Bart at it! And in answer to your question the silicone rolling pin is awesome awesome awesome.

Ashley Wray said...

Oh Chels, I've missed you around the blogging world please come back! Sounds like you will have a fun (and filling) Thanksgiving.
Be careful frying the turkey. If memory serves me, isn't that how your in-laws garage caught on fire many years ago? Be careful!
I feel you on missing out on the fun Christmas things of not being in Billings. I love the progressive dinner, but I think I'm on like year #7 of not being there for it. boo.
And holy crap, uncle Jim went sky diving? I cannot wait to hear all about that!
Anyways, hope to see you all in a few weeks!

Emilee said...

The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I love taking the time to remember all I have to be grateful for. I watched New Moon too, I thought the movie was way better than the Twilight movie. Rummikub reminds me of Grandma Stone, and did your Dad loose a bet or something, mid-life crisis? Why would he jump out of an airplane?

Barratt Family said...

I love this time of year too! Im so glad you guys are doing so good! I saw New Moon and Loved it too! I miss you guys like crazy we need to see you soon!

Barratt Family said...
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Barratt Family said...
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Mandi said...

Chelsea! You are a blog wizard! Nice blog! this is fun :) Love it!