Tuesday, May 4, 2010

33 Weeks and 1 more test!!

Cody and I went and took some pregnancy pictures of me and our Baby W...I am so happy with how they turned out! I will post more soon, so keep your eyes out! These are me at 33 weeks!

Cody only has 1 more test until he is officially a SOPHOMORE in Dental School! That is so crazy...this year has flown by. The test that he has is a huge one, but I am sure that he will do great. Then he has a 3 week break, goes back for 6 weeks, then another 4 week break before the fall semester begins. He is so excited to spend as much time as possible golfing, and, um...golfing, and....GOLFING! There is a really cheap course about 10 minutes away from our house that he has been hitting up lately; and loving every minute of it.
As for me, just working away! Hair business has really picked up lately so that is great. I love doing hair so much! I can't wait until that is the only work that I am doing. However, I really, really love my job as a surgical assistant, too. It is so interesting, my hours are super kush, and I am learning a ton. I am working just 2 full days a week and 2 half days...I don't think it can get any better than that.
Physically, the pregnancy is still as perfect as it can be! I am getting to the o-so-uncomfortable stage, however! I feel like I can't breathe unless I am sitting up completely straight, standing, or laying on my side. Sitting on a couch is 100% uncomfortable! I have been having some back contractions lately which are no fun, but I guess those things just come with the territory! Heartburn has been my enemy...O my gosh! I didn't know that I could get so miserable from eating, or from not eating enough...it totally is not fun. I don't wish heartburn on anyone...not a fun way to live each day! Honestly though, I have NOTHING to complain about; my pregnancy has been easy-peasy.
Hmmm...what else? Cody got called into the Young Men's presidency, so that has been a new adventure. There are only like 4 young men in our ward, so he has to be creative with lessons and activities. He really likes the guys that he serves with, so that makes it super fun.
We have been Chipotle maniacs lately...not sure why, but it just always sounds so good! We have also just been grilling up a storm. It is just so dang easy! Easy to make, easy to cook, easy to clean up! (AKA...perfect for the uncomfortable preggo lady!)
For those of you who don't read our Baby W's blog, we will be expecting our little one in just 3 weeks...it can't come fast enough, believe me. Keep us in your prayers, we are feeling the impact of every prayer in our direction...thanks and love you all!


Angie said...

My sister-in-law is prego and has really bad heart burn also. she posted this new recipe. it may not sound really good but she SWEARS by it. why not give it a try.
1 quart apple juice
1 pint grape juice
1/2 C apple cider vinegar
she says to make sure it is 100% juice. You can also try just water and Apple cider vinegar but this way is easier to get down.

Ashley Wray said...

You are such a cute prego mama! Heartburn is so miserable, I had that with Reese. oh, and I love that maternity top you're wearing. Sounds like you guys have been busy but having fun. I'm hopping over to baby W's blog now, 3 weeks, that is soon! As always, we are praying for you always. Any names decided?

Bryce and Kathleen said...

love the pics! you look so good! :) three weeks!!

Marjie said...

LOVE the pics....would like to see the rest of them. Go, Cody, Go!

Ally said...

Ok, you were made to be pregnant! You look super cute, can't wait to see more photo's. Good luck with the last few weeks, they seam like they take 3 months.

Emilee said...

Your pictures are so cute!

Idaho Hodges said...

The pictures look awesome!! I love your hair color in them. And I learned to sleep with a body pillow when I was pregnant with Jax and still sleep with it. It's great for the back! And stay away from tomato based stuff..That's what always gave me heartburn.
Loves to all of you!!

Allison said...

You look beautiful! Sorry you're getting so uncomfortable--these last few weeks seem to drag on forever. Maybe the heartburn will mean lots of hair--it did for me! You can make it and it will be all worth it :)