Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bye, Bye!

Yep, Cody and I are leaving in 2 days to hit up the Bahamas on THIS CRUISE SHIP. I can't even believe that it is finally here! Our ship is awesome...two of the shows on our ship are Blue Man Group and Cirque de Sole. It is a brand new ship and I can't wait to explore it! I had to add a couple pictures to jazz up my farewell you get cute Teddy, Ali, and of course, JANE! I am going to miss these 3 girls so much...I literally see them every single day, talk to the on the phone every day, and text them every day! (I know, all three seems like a bit much...!) I don't think Teddy or Ali will grow much while I am gone, but Jane will probably look a whole lot different. I will sure miss them.
On the other hand, 12 days, TWELVE days after I get back, my MOM is coming to visit. O my gosh. Honestly, I can't wait. CAN'T WAIT. I will have her all to myself, and maybe share with Cody a little.
Bye, bye! See you in the Bahamas....or you will see pictures of US in the Bahamas anyway!


Nels, Drea, and Crew said...

Have a great time!!!!

Ashley Wray said...

So fun! And you'll get to come home to your wonderful mama! I know how you feel about friends, I have 2 best girlies who I talk/text/see everyday and totally miss when we are out of town!
Take lots of pictures, can't wait to hear all about it, have sooooo much fun!

Allison said...

HAVE FUN!! Can't wait to see fun pictures :)

Tiffany said...

So glad to see you're doing well and I hope you're having so much fun on your trip!