Saturday, October 13, 2007


For all of you that don't know...Utah has now moved up in the world! We just got a chipotle in Midvale, where Amanda and Kevin live. Therefore.....Cody is on cloud nine! You see, in Ohio, Chipotle was his sanctuary, and he has been missing it every day for a year plus! So, this weekend, we went and partook of the amazing steak Burrito Bowl with Corn Salsa. MMMM MMM Good! Actually, that is what Cody gets...I am not too crazy about it. I get the Fajita Burrito with Pork. No salsa...WAY too spicy for this weak little white girl! This is kind of depressing, however....I just went to the site to calculate how many calories ONE fajita burrito is....1,185. Tear. I better start running! It was worth it though! (Chase and Krista-you guys should have access to this amazing restaraunt! Actually, Chad and Misti and Lacee and Luke I think that you guys do too-let me know!) Above, I have inserted a picture of the calorie-loaded piece of Heaven! We also just discovered that we probably save about 40% off of our eating-out bills if we get our food to go! This takes away drinks, tips, and other unnessary dishes that we are tempted to order when we are eating out. For instance, we went to Olive Garden tonight-to go. We only ordered soup, salad, and breadsticks. If we would have eaten there, we would have each ordered a dish as well...adding $20 to our bill! Okay, so this probably isn't being that thrifty since we are eating out anyway, but it is our way of being proud of spending less mula! (Money for those of you who are confused!) The rest of our evening consists of a little BYU football(We always pray that they win because when they don't it isn't very fun to be around Amanda and Kevin). O-one last thing-last night we babysat Ian and Megan. Megan just giggled the entire evening-she is pretty much the happiest baby I know. Ian, on the other hand, had to spend the entire evening trying to learn how to say, "Go Buckeyes, Buckeyes are better than BYU". Cody was determined to brainwash the poor child....but to no avail. His parents returned home and nothing came out of his mouth except, "BYU, Go COUGARS!"


ensadler said...

You know you don't need to run to burn those calories off! We all know you are still newly weds. Ü
I must say my fav at Chipotle is a carnitas burrito. YUMMY!

LAUREN said...

Hey, Chelsea. I'm Cody's cousin, Lauren. My mom is Kathy and Jeffrey is my brother! I love your blog! You and Cody and SO CUTE together. I hope that I can meet you in a couple of weeks at Jeffrey's wedding in SLC! I have a blog, too at Tell Cody hi!

Ashley said...

I've never heard of Chipolte, but I guess we need to hit that palce up next time we're in Utah! Did you see how like our whole family has joined the blogging bandwagon? Aren't you proud! Anyways, glad to see you keeping up with it, have fun burning those calories off, you're still a skinny minnie in my book!

Luke and Lacee said...

Hey Chelsea, I have never heard of Chipolte either, but it sounds good, with that many calories it has to be. Luke and I totally do the to go thing to save some money when we eat out. After we pick up our food we like to go to a park to enjoy it.

AmandaS said...

Cougars, Cougars, Cougars, Cougars, Cougars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

adorable pearsons said...


Is Justin Hodges, a close relative to you now? He was my internship advisor at BYU-I. He did all Construction Management and Arch. Also I haven't ate at Chipotle, but I will make it a goal to track one down.