Thursday, October 25, 2007

I got tagged!

Well, I knew that this was going to happen soon...Ashley Wray tagged me! For those of you who haven't seen the "blog, you're it" yet, I'll explain a little. If you are "tagged" you have to write 6 little known facts about yourself on your blog. You then "tag" 6 other people, and so on. So, HERE WE GOOOOO!!!!!
1) Well, it must be a Stott thing, but I have weird Sleeping Habits as well (same as ash)....but only since I have been married! I guess, as Cody tells me, the other night I was sleeping my arm bent above my head. I rolled over, and, um, I sort of elbowed him RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF HIS FOREHEAD! oops!
2) I HATE cold cereal. I think that this is due to me being the youngest child. Let me explain. Each morning, I would get up, shower, walk out of the bathroom, and right when I was about to go into my room to get dressed, my WONDERFUL mother would be at the top of the stairs asking me what I would like for breakfast. Dip and Eggs, french toast, omelets, nothing was off limits. Sad, isn't it?
3) Also since being married, I absolutely have to dry myself competely off BEFORE I open the shower curtain to get out. (This might be because I used to get the floor all wet and that wasn't Cody's favorite, but I actually think that now it is something that I have to do! It is SOOOO much warmer-no chills when you get out of the shower...give it a try!)
4) One of my favorite snacks is cottage cheese with cherry tomatoes and Alpine Touch. It has to be Alpine Touch, I will not eat Salt and pepper on anything, it is too spicy for me! I am a wussy!
5) I have not had a whole can of pop since before my Freshman year...of HIGH SCHOOL!
6) And the last little known fact about me....I'm PREGNANT!!! We found out about 8 weeks ago! Wait, wait, just kidding! I bet I got a little reaction out of you though, didn't I??!!?!!
Okay, those are my dumb, yet little-know facts. Now, the 6 people that I am tagging are:


Nels, Drea, & crew said...

Good job on the pop drinking. That is pretty darn good! Yes, Nels and I both read your pregnant thing and you did have us for a second. Love ya!!

Ashley said...

Love the alpine touch, so good! I need to try drying off completly in the shower, I hate the cold-out-the-shower feeling! Ok, so you totally had me on the pregnancy thing and I was so excitied! I mean, come on Chels, you've been married 4 months already, get on the ball :) haha

Anonymous said...

ok chels my jaw dropped when i read your pregnant comment! i know im not cool enough to have one of these blog things, but this is how i find out what is going on in all my cousins lives!! haha! by the way it was so good to see you a few weeks ago! love ya!

Luke and Lacee said...

Hey Chels,
Well you guys don't worry about the elbow throwing, soon you'll be able to sleep right through it! I'm so opposite of you on the cold cereal thing, I love cold cereal, maybe you oughta give it another chance. I'll have to try that drying off in the shower thing, sounds nice. I too love Alpine Touch. When Luke's parents visited us last we asked them to bring us some. Also you totally had me on that pregnancy thing, good one. Lacee

adorable pearsons said...

So what is Alpine Touch- I guess we aren't that cool! So good pregnancy joke- you definitely got an "AHHH" out of me!