Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's Official....MMM...CAFE

I have some BIG NEWS!!!

I have officially started a food blog! I am so, so excited! It is crazy because lately I have had a major addiction to reading cookbooks...yes, LOSER, I know! I am in the middle of two amazing books, one by Jodi Picoult and one by Sheri Dew. However, I just can't bring myself to put down my "Joy of Cooking" cookbook! I guess it is an okay addiction that makes my husband happy anyway! (Except for the whole needing to blog every meal that we eat. He has officially become the photographer for the dishes on my blog. Take one look at our food blog, and you will know immediately what pictures I took (the horrible ones) and what pictures my photographer husband took! He claims that these pictures are COPYRIGHTED! Hehe!

Anyway, I have found a new love for cooking, although I am not even close to a pro! Whenever I am looking for new recipes I am always like, "okay, now would anyone actually EAT this?" It gets so frustrating! So, lately I have been a food blog stalker. I have found some of the best recipes, and decided that I may as well share my "tested and tried" recipes with all of you!

I hope that you enjoy the Winterholler's new



Aaron & Jen said...

yummm... so excited to try your recipes and steal ideas! that taco soup looks so yummy.

krista said...

I'm so excited to steal all of your already tested recipes! I hate trying new recipes unless I know they are good so I'll be checking in often:)

Ashley said...

already checked it out, looks so yummy! I agree with Krista, I'm a chicken to try out new recipes unless I know they are good! Keep us posted!

Lauren said...

Hey Chelsea. It's Lauren, Cody's cousin, Aunt Kathy's daughter. I love your blog and your recipe blog. I'll be trying out some of your recipes, too! My friends and I have a recipe blog too. The link is on my page. It's called Blogger Buffet. Tell Cody hi!