Friday, March 20, 2009

I am in Heaven...

I am only halfway through my cupcake, and I am taking a much needed pause from the overwhelming deliciousness of the Vanilla Squared cupcake. O MY GOSH.
I recently saw the Sweet Tooth Fairy on a friends blog, then Cody brought home a clipping out of the BYU newspaper earlier this week, and we had to go. Even after downing way too much pizza at Legends Grille (come on, (1)it is our off day and (2) Cody had to get shots for dental school today and claims he was "sad and depressed" heh....don't judge) we had to check it out. All that I can say is I hope that my hubbs is SAD AND DEPRESSED a lot more often in the future! I so wish we could have found this adorable little bakery MONTHS ago...then again, I am not carrying the extra 10 pounds I would have if we did know about it.
P.S. They gave us a sample of their "cake bites" definitely stay away from those bad boys!(AKA-get them or your will regret it!)
Check it out HERE:


Brian and chelsea said...

It's times like this I am glad we are in Vernal (where there is NO bakery and NO icecream shop... nothing but McDonalds-type junk)... cuz I would very tempted to get myself one of those too!

Carrie Jo said...

An entire post dedicated to a definitely haven't changed at all. No wonder we get along so great:)