Sunday, March 29, 2009

We Love Steve

Steve brought us a lot of enjoyment yesterday. As you know, we are moving soon and trying to sell the majority of our belongings. Cody posted our television on, and this is the first reply that we received:

My Name is Steve, I was wondering if you would consider a trade? 

Here is a list of things I have:

Cabin Cruiser Boat 19' (been sitting)

Motorola Long Range Walkie Talkies 

Ray Ban Sun glasses 

19” Flat Screen (not flat Panel) With built in VHS

Free Standing, Adjustable 
Basketball Hoop 

I sure hope that brought you as much laughter as it did us!!!


AmandaS said...

Take the boat!!!

Kelly and Emilee said...

What are you going to trade for? I think the walkie talkies could be handy, Cody probably won't have any time for the basketball hoop during dental school. I just got Kelly out of his Ray Bans a few years ago, maybe well trade you for the TV!

Ashley Wray said...

HAHA! I'm with Mandy, take the boat! Are there any lakes in Nebraska? That is hilarious, thanks for the laugh!

Carrie Jo said...

Love it :) Much better offer than the creepers!

ensadler said...

What the!? Some people! What are they thinking!? It almost makes you wonder if he was really serious!

Brian and chelsea said...

I vote for the sun glasses. You'll need them in tropical sunny Nebraska.