Tuesday, April 21, 2009


(I just love this picture...my sister's family...don't the little girls legs just look so TINY?!)
So much is going on right now. I feel like a total hypocrite because I am always the one who is nagging people to post....and here I am only posting one time a month! Life is creeping up on us...

First of all, Cody is graduating on FRIDAY!!! It doesn't even seem real, and I don't think it will until he starts dental school. I am so proud of him. This semester he had 18 credits...and not JUST 18 credits, 18 HARD credits. His only easy classes were religion and coaching football. Other than those,  he was studying his butt off every day. He is so happy to be done and have a 4 month break ahead of him. 
Me, o, me. I am keeping busy, too. My last day of work is tomorrow, and I am really sad! I am so used to having Dylan as my little constant companion, I know that I will miss him. I am going to miss the whole Cox family, they have been so good to me! I am loving, actually LOVING doing photography! I hope that everyone is checking out my blog, I am constantly updating it with new shoots. I have 5 shoots this week alone! I really hope that I can keep getting better at it and turn it into a part time profession(I say part time because my dream is to do hair part time and photography part time).  My hubbs is being amazing and building me a photography studio and  a salon in our basement....O MY GOSH I JUST CAN'T WAIT! I married a great man who just wants to make me happy, I love him! 
Together we are both doing great. We are still doing P90X, although with finals and moving we have gone downhill a little...not to mention all the graduation meals we plan to eat! We are loving every minute of the workouts and can totally see a change. I actually have muscles in my arms...WHO KNEW?!?! (I know, Nate, you won't believe it till you see it...) Cody's pants are all way to big, we really need to go shopping. Anyway, we love the results we are getting and just want to keep chugging along! We are so excited to move home to Montana for the next 7 weeks. We can't wait to see the fam every day and spend some quality time with them that we unfortunately won't be getting for the next 4 years. We are constantly buying things here and there for our new house, and plans of what to do with each room are going through our minds non-stop. If anyone has cheap ways to re-do countertops in kitchens/bathrooms we would love your tips! I hope that you are all planning your vacations to Nebraska...I hear their Zoo is AMAZING! (Like you would come just for the zoo....!!!)
Well, goodbye for now, hopefully I can get a post-graduation post in before we move!


AmandaS said...

You are such a doll! Thanks for the great photo shoot. Seriously, I can't believe that you are leaving me. Is this just a big joke? You're really staying aren't you?! I knew it! Your staying!! Yipppeee!

Brian and chelsea said...

Finally an update! You better repent and have a major change of heart and start becoming a more frequent blogger. Seriously. I like updates.
Congrats on sticking with P90X! I love hearing people make goals and stick with it and not wimp out. But - muscles in YOUR arms?! I'll have to see it to believe
(totally kidding - you likely have way more than I do)
Hmmm... maybe we will come out to Nebraska sometime... Brian's good friend lives there and is the area manager for Enterprise over the whole state. And I have no doubt the zoo is the most exciting place there.

Marjie said...

I, who never comment on blogs, just cannot resist on this one. Your pictures are awesome, yes, awesome!
Amanda is so very funny.......I KNOW that your are actually coming home to Billings and just letting Cody gut it out in Omaha for four years!!
Yippee!!! Mom

Kelly and Emilee said...

If you want to book photo shoots during your 7 weeks in Billings please~please let me know! Being far away from your only sister stinks Lacee and I are always scheming on how to get her family a little (or a lot) closer.

Carrie Jo said...

First of all-Congrats to Cody! Second-I can't wait to see you while you're home. We will have to work out a rendevous. Third-the pictures of Manda and her family are adorable. You are really good and I'm glad you love it! Fourth-if I come to Nebraska (emphasis on the if)I would most definitely only come for the zoo. Truth.
Love you!
PS-I am definitely with your mom-Cody can handle dental school alone for sure.