Wednesday, October 16, 2013

18 months

My two little men are 18 months old. It seems like such a whirlwind of the past year and a half...not sure how we survived! And now we are adding to our crazy family in just 2 weeks. I can't wait! I know, really, I do, that it is going to be sooooo stressful some days. But then I have the moments where I am chasing both of my boys down the hall, them screaming in excitement, and we all end up on my bed laughing hysterically. Those moments are why adding another little man just has me ecstatic. I can't believe how blessed we are. The trials of losing Warner, not getting pregnant forever, losing so many other pregnancies, and now the babies are just pouring into our home! The Lord has knowledge of each of us. I am so grateful that he knows what I can handle and when...if he knows I can handle three crazy boys under the age of 2, who am I to doubt it? The weeks ahead are full of lots of love, we can't wait to embrace it.

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chelsea mckell said...

awwww..... love this!! yay for lots of babies, and for truly appreciating and loving every second with them!

Hey, let's race... who can deliver first? Ready, set, GO!