Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Meyers Boy...

November 1, 2013 we welcomed our fourth baby boy into our family. He was 19 inches long and 6 lbs. 15 oz. We went to the hospital first thing in the morning, before Dax and Barrett woke up. My wonderful momma was here to stay with them while we headed out. I wanted her there so my great friend, Holly, came over and hung out with the boys so my mom could meet Meyers as soon as he entered the world:). 
I was pretty calm for the entire process. My nurses were great, and I love love love my doctor. C-sections are so quick and predictable, and I love that. I am such a planner that it is right up my alley to know exactly what to expect! We started surgery with Cody right by my side, and shortly after my baby was born! 
Cody rushed off to be with him, but he was crying on and off. This concerned them a little bit, as his breathing just wasn't perfect. They had a specialist come into the room as I was getting stitched up, and he said that it should resolve on its own very quickly. The entire time he was getting checked out I couldn't even seen my sweet boy. That was one thing I didn't like about my entire experience. But, he was fine and that was all that mattered. As we were in recovery his breathing was still a little iffy, but after I nursed him for just a few minutes it regulated and we were good to go. What a good little guy he has been from the get go. He pretty much nursed for the first 2 hours of his life, and was on a great schedule from then on! 3 hours during the day, 4 at night from day one. Really from day 1! What a champ!! I am a crazy baby wise scheduler, so I can't give all the credit to Meyers:) It has worked for all of my boys. I feel like if I can get twins to sleep 6 hours at 6 weeks and just go up from there, that baby wise is the real deal! Meyers is now sleeping 10 hours at night, and has been since he was 10 weeks old.
He has been hands down the BEST baby. He only cries if he is hungry or tired, and that last about 15 seconds until I feed him or he falls asleep. We are so so blessed to have him. Heavenly Father knew that I needed an angel baby with the twin crazies running around all day! 
The boys have actually adjusted rather well. They have been sick pretty much since he came home from the hospital, so a little grumpy just because of colds. But they have held it together great for having to now split their mommy 3 ways. I have done decent, too! I'm sure there are many breakdown days ahead, but thus far we have all survived just fine.  I am, however, soooo ready for this winter to be over. It has been in the single digits for way too long, with the windchill taking it to -10 to -20! We have been trapped inside for like 6 weeks. Ug. ANd the 6 weeks before that I was recovering from my c-section, so basically since Meyers has been born we have barely left the house. I can't wait, and that's an understatement, to go outside and PLAY!!!! Anyway, here's Meyers first few days as a Winterholler!

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