Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The last few months...Little Things {Nov, Dec, Jan}

Scroll down, far! There is another post about Meyers' birth below!

The last few months have been great...having 3 boys to feed, and change (like 15 diapers a day. Holy. Moly.), and entertain has sure kept us busy!

Honestly besides keeping everyone healthy (aka we have been sick for 3 months), I haven't done much! I helped three little boys to learn and grow every day, I guess that is actually a ton to do! Here are a ton of pictures to keep ya in the loop with our growing family.

Meyers as a brand new baby!

 This is about how well the sibling photoshoot went when Meyers was first born...ha. There are a few good ones on my photography blog... www.winterhollerphotography.blogspot.com
 Love the still new baby wrinkles:)
 He has Winterholler legs!
 The boys were able to pick out their Christmas ornaments this year. It was soooo fun! Barrett chose a bulldozer, and Dax a fire truck. They were absolutely devastated every single day as they saw their "toys" hanging on the tree, out of their reach!
 Meyers' first day of church-looking sharp with daddy.
 The first real decent picture I got of my three boys! Yay!
 Only the cutest outfit ever invented, if you ask me. Thanks Fimrite's!
 O, bathtime. It is the best. Seriously they just giggle and splash to their hearts content, or until daddy decides its getting a lithe out of hand:)!
 Dax on his new bike from Santa Claus!
 Barrett was so excited, "Bike! Bike"!
 Daddy has been working really hard lately, so Barrett decided to plop down with him and relax after work.
 Happy Meyers, as always.
 This is how I have to protect my baby from the crazies. Most tummy time/floor playing is done behind the gate!
 Handsome daddy chilling with the baby. If Cody could hold him all day, he would!

 My life with three littles on my lap. It's hard sometimes, but how lucky am I to have all these fingers and toes needing me at once:)?!!
 Dax drinking his Mac and Cheese:) He loves it almost as much as I do!
 Getting so big! He is 2 months old here, wearing clothes that the twins were wearing at 7 months!
 Dax man, loving the camera.
 Barrett, running from the camera! Always!
 That's Dax's new "awesome!" face. I love it.
 Barrett loves to do his own thing. Unless he can wrestle, then that is his activity of choice.

 Dax is my music lover. He SCREAMS in church to sing along with us. He loves any type of music, and dances like a crazy man.

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Carrie Jo said...

Catching up on your blog :) Love these pictures!! So much personality! Love you guys!