Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Biggest Loser Addiction

FEMALE Biggest Loser! Woo-hoo!
I am completely addicted to the biggest loser. Basically, I can't go without it! I am dreading next week, honestly! This season was so exciting because a WOMAN won! I think that is so amazing, it really gives inspiration to all of those woman who just compare their weight loss to men.
Ali, however....I wish that Kelly would have won. I feel like Ali got a little cocky, and, she got kicked off! It was a twist in the middle of the season where they just randomly voted off a team, and it happened to be pink. A month or so later, the girl who had lost the most at home got to come back on the show, and that happened to be Ali. Anyway, I feel like Kelly almost deserved it more...but either way I am happy that a GIRL won! Look at how amazing they look! It is insane!


Ally Mack said...

I'm happy a girl won, sad the shows over. What are we going to do now??? I really needed my dose of Biggest Loser every week. I agree with you 100% I wish kelly would have won too. Watching how Ally was acting, I would have rather Roger win over her.

Aaron & Jen said...

I love that show too! We ended up not watching it as often after the first month or so, life kind of got in the way. I love how great they look!

I actually made the background for our blog myself. Aaron got me the best birthday present ever, CS3! I think I already mentioned it but if you wanted I could make a background for you guys too. How is everything going with changing what you wanted before?

Anyway, how's the knee? Hope you're not taking secret running trips you don't tell your doctor about! Take care of yourself! Ice and elevate :)

Luke and Lacee said...

We love love this show! It's amazing what these people can accomplish, and yay finally a female won! ~Lacee

Ashley said...

I was so excited that Ali won! Kelly was just such a cry baby and kind of drove me insane! Ali did get a little cocky and was always doing that pose (same one in the picture you posted) But I'm glad a girl won. I guess you better get addicted to American Idol to occupy your Tuesday nights!

Mark and Stef said...

Hi Chels!!!!! I miss you! I can't believe you don't work at the salon anymore, thats so weird, and I don't like it! Happy Birthday to Cody too! Ok, I'll see you at my shower on monday, right! Ok, good!

Sarita Baker said...

Haha! You seriously are addicted to this show, woman!! Now they can go shop at "xxi"!!! Yeah!