Monday, April 14, 2008

Cody's 23!!!

Yes, he is 23 years old! (Okay, so he was 23 a week ago...I just haven't posted yet!) Anyway, I can't believe it! If he is getting older that means that I am getting older, too! AHH! hehe! Anyway, his birthday was on conference weekend, so we definitely spent a lot of time with eachother, it was just in front of the television. On his actual birthday, Amanda and Kevin made us a killer meal. Cody loves BBQ, and unfortunately here in P-town we can't have them on our that means none at all! We ate Kevin's DELICIOUS BBQ steak and chicken along with asparagus, THE GOO, fresh fruit, potatoes, salad, goes on and on. Sadly, I had to resort to a cake at the last minute since I had a failure with his wished for dessert on his birthday. Oops!
After dinner Uncle Cody had some one-on-one golf lessons with Ian. He is pretty much a stud now! It was halarious to see Cody spend like 1 minute showing him how to stand, how to swing, where to hold his head....

And then to see Ian just take a wack at it the next time that he got a chance to do it on his own!

We had to let Megan get a shot in, too...Yes, Kevin is holding her....she isn't just some super baby that can stand on the edge of a table at a slant! haha! Good try though, Kevin!

Anyway, when we got home I had Cody open his present...Mom, Dad and I entered him into the 
For you non-briarwood-ers, this is an amazing tournament. He will be playing with my pops in three rounds of golf, be fed for basically 3 days straight, have a shot at flag prizes on every single hole, and basically love life the entire time! 
Happy Birthday!!!


Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Cody! A week late or whatever, but it still counts. Hey, I'm 23 for another 4 months anyways and I've already got 1.6 kids, where are your at? hehe :)

Idaho Hodges said...

Love you Bro!!! Can't wait ot see you in May. I hope you're planning on stopping on your way home.