Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hardware FAILURE

Yes, sad, but true....
The red lights of death have taken over our Xbox 360. Late last night I was sound asleep in my bed when my husband came into the bedroom in a solemn state. He only said 4 words to me:

"My Xbox is dead".

He then turned around and left the room. Now, you may think this is funny, but it has been a trying time for Cody; and for me now that he is considering purchasing another one! Okay, I admit, I definitely laughed when he left...but there was some consoling needed! I think once his online Xbox buddies like PARAMOLAR, wYrbender, Jango35, Sammyhain, Mongo Tickler, cee3po, Grimmus...find out they will be saddened. For the sake of them, we have taken this picture:


Ally Mack said...

LOL!! Wow, such a hard time... No, I laugh because if that happened to Jon, he would be so sad too. I'm laughing at your pictures. Good luck!

Ashley said...

Wow, Cody and Chelsea, my thoughts and prayers are with you, that is some heavy stuff :) Oh man, just think of all your extra free time to study Cody, and Chelsea, all the extra time Cody will have to spend with you! Love the cross picture!