Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Carrie got Married!

I am so happy for Carrie! She got married to Chris Fimrite this weeked, who, let's face it, is the BOMB! They had such a beautiful wedding, and I got to be a part of it! I flew into Billings on Thursday afternoon and from there on out it was go-go-go! We had a rehearsal and a dinner that night, which was o so fun! Carrie and Chris are so thoughtful, that has always been Carrie to think of others more than herself. They gave everyone who had anything to do with their wedding a present, I got clip on earrings(homemade by Mr. Fimrite!) to wear at the wedding and also a photography book, which I LOVE!
Friday we made flowers, well, ALL day! They all ended up beautiful, especially Carrie's bouquet.
I learned a ton about making flowers for special events and spent some quality time with the other bridesmaids. That night we had a BBQ and PJ made THE BEST pulled pork ever! I have to get the recipe asap so I can whip some out and impress some people! Then Carrie packed for her Honeymoon to MEXICO! Fun! FUN!!!!
Saturday was the BIG day! At 7:30 am I headed to Carrie's house and we went to the Dan Walt Gardens to set up for the Wedding and the Reception. It was quite the task, moving tables, setting centerpieces, hanging decorations, planning the fun for the evening. Then we headed to a hotel suite to do hair! And DO HAIR we did! I curled, and curled, and curled for about 4 hours! WHEW! Everyone looked so beautiful, especially Carrie, I LOVED her hair! She even had a Mary Kay lady come to do makeup, everyone looked so amazing. At about 4 pm (only 1 hour late!) we went back to the gardens to start the festivities. Picture time was a blast, I especially loved it! After pictures we headed back to the bridal suite and that is when I whipped out my camera, I think I got some really fun shots! We had a blast getting Carrie all ready to say I DO! Then came the ceremony. It was SOOO beautiful. Rose petals were scattered down the aisle and the weather was perfect. There were a TON of people there. I only cried once during the ceremony when Chris was saying his vows and telling Carrie how much he loved her....that really got me! I am so glad that she found such an awesome man...and he is even more lucky to have her! They said their I do's and it was of to the reception. Everything went perfect, we laughed and great food and amazing cake, (not to mention those cream cheese mints...mmmm!), and danced the night away! It really was an amazing night and I hope they loved every minute of it! I can't wait to see some of the pictures that were taken, but until then, click the pic below to see some of the ones that I took!
Carrie's Wedding


Ashley Wray said...

Carrie looks gorgeous (love her hair, you did a great job!) How fun, love seeing all the familiar faces in those pics!

AmandaS said...

The pictures you took look fantastic! Man, I bet Carrie was happy you were there!!!