Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Last HooRah! has come down to the wire. Cody has 4 days until he starts dental school!!! This summer has gone by so fast. I think that we are both ready for him to start school, however. He is ready to get down to business, and good thing, because we hear this first year is pretty intense. He will do great though!
We weren't planning on another vacation before he started school, but the cards just fell correctly! Cody's parents decided to buy a motor home(which we are so excited about and hoping that they just might come visit us sometime soon!), and they bought it in Michigan. They asked us to fly and pick it up so that Bert wouldn't have to drive the 23 hours from MI to MT. So, we bought tickets on Thursday evening and flew out on Friday evening!
(JUST A WARNING...we took around 400 pictures in 2.5 was amazing!)
We stayed in a hotel that night and picked up the brand new 2009 motor home on Saturday afternoon. It was fun to see it first and check out where Bert and Laurel would be spending some time! Thank heavens for the couch in the motor home, I don't think I could have taken all of the hours that we spent in it without that baby! Poor Cody just had to hang out in the front while I was on the comfy couch for hours on hours!

Saturday afternoon we went to Ludington, MI and went to the beach. Yes, the beach! We walked out into Lake Michigan and saw an awesome lighthouse. I have never seen a lighthouse before and it was so, so neat! That night we headed to Arcadia, Michigan and we spent the evening in a motor home park on Lake Michigan! I can't even believe how beautiful it was...I had no idea that we would literally be playing ON THE BEACH for an entire weekend! I felt like we were at the ocean. The sand was beautiful, so white and perfectly soft. The water was warm and not salty like the ocean...score! It was perfect in every way. We had a great time just walking on the beach and snapping pictures at sunset.

Sunday morning we golfed at Arcadia of the top 10 public courses in the nation! It was breathtaking. I have never been on a golf course quite like this one...I will just post some pictures because I can't explain it! They don't even do it justice....

Sunday night we got on a carferry and went across Lake Michigan to Wisconsin. We were all over the map! We got there at about midnight and woke up at 5:45 am on Monday so that we could make it to Whistling Straights, where the PGA Championship is being played in 2010!

Need I say more? It was absolutely outstanding! Cody had a caddy and it was so fun, he has never had a caddy before. The guy totally carried his clubs and gave him advice on each and every shot. Practically the ENTIRE course was on the shore of Lake Michigan, and it couldn't have been more beautiful.

After golf we had our best meal of the weekend at the restraunt there. I had a spinach chicken salad and Cody had smoked turkey club. Okay, I know, they both sound so, so simple. They were out of this world! You know if something that simple can be so delicious they are doing something right! We drove the 9 hours back to Omaha and got home at about 11:00 pm. WHEW!!!!! Great weekend and, as Cody says, it was the "vacation of a lifetime"!


Marjie said...

WOW....I wish I was there! Really.

Brian and chelsea said...

That's crazy! Though the story is missing parts... like why did you bring the motorhome to Omaho? Are they coming to pick it up there? And why would they buy a motorhome across the country versus just buying one locally?
Anyways - I guess I'm a detail nerd. Which means I wanna see more pics. I've never been in that part of the country - sounds beautiful!