Friday, April 22, 2011

Sunday Will Come

This video made me ponder today. All week I have been trying to study the week before Christ's crucifixion, and have learned about and loved Him more along the way. Elder Wirthlin says it perfectly,
"Each of us will have our Fridays, the days when the universe itself seems shattered...we will all experience broken times.
No matter how dark your Friday, Sunday will come."


Marjie said...

Yes, Sunday will come. I love what Elder Wirthlin testifies in this video. Awesome promise.

Teddy and Scotty said...

Oh by golly this blog looks great too!! Loved that video, thanks for sharing your thought. It helped me try and get in the right mindset for the beautiful holiday we have coming tomorrow. What a gift the Savior has given us. Thanks babe. Sunday will come!