Monday, April 25, 2011

Forced Productivity

So...I have been bored lately (My Grandma doesn't approve of that word...sorry Grandma!) Cody has been a study maniac. I mean, getting up at 4 am, going to school all day, then studying until who knows when at night. He has been a little better at going to bed earlier lately, which makes me happy because you need sleep just as much as you need to study! I don't think he would agree, but that is my philosophy.
I stay pretty busy doing my job, photography, and hair. Actually, I wouldn't want to do too much more because I kind of get sick of working how much I do! The amount that I do now is just perfect for me. I usually have ample time to spend with Cody, make our meals, and ah-hem, clean our house. Since Cody has been on this study kick, however, I have been a little lonely. I have been trying to force myself to be productive, (amidst the american idol, office, and biggest loser watching), these are a few things I have been attempting to keep me busy:
~First I begged for a dog, Cody entertained the idea for about a week, but has since shot me down daily. ~Then, I overhauled my food blog and our family blog, (I should do that to my photo blog as well...that's an idea!)
~Food storage. I have been trying to add to it weekly, little by little it is coming along!
~Organizing. My storage room, and I don't know if I should admit what else I organized, it is a little compulsive. But I guess if you are still reading this I have probably already confessed it to you in person. My spice cabinet. Seriously, I have a million spices for all of my recipes. It drives me nuts that I have to search through them all to find one little spice! So I alphabetized them. Yep. Loser.
~Started a personal journal blog, (which has proved to be an awesome outlet. I do 5 positive things every night before I go to bed. It lifts my spirits even when my day sucked!)
~done some in-depth studies of Christ and tried to learn more about Him and His life
~dived into a Jodi Picoult book, "Handle with Care", about a child with OI, the same disease Warner had. It is a great insight into what life would have been like had Warner survived and lived daily with OI. I cry, I laugh, I feel every ounce of the mother's pain. I truly am loving this book, as well as all of her other books.
~workout kick...well hopefully. My leg still bugs me quite a bit but Zumba, yoga, walking at night, and water aerobics seem not to bother it too much. Let's hope they keep loving me, because I love them!
~shopping, unfortunately. Food shopping, clothes shopping. Spend money shopping. shoot.
~My most recent project has been to update our 72 hour kit. You see, my adorable momma found out that Cody and I didn't have a 72 hour kit before we moved to Omaha. Her motherly concerned jumped right in and she gave us theirs!(I sure hope they have since acquired a new one...hmm.) I hope she doesn't read this, which she will, but I never opened it until this week. I know, what a shame. She had us very well prepared, but of course, no personal undergarments, extra clothes, etc. I updated all of the food so it won't expire for 2 years, and pretty much did an overhaul of it. I know I could add so much more, but this is what we now have: (I think I remembered it all!)
~~~playing cards
~~~food for 3 days
~~~4 water bottles
~~~shampoo, lotion, body wash, dish soap
~~~pants, shirts, and socks for each of us
~~~tin foil
~~~duct tape
~~~feminine hygiene products
~~~flashlight, extra batteries
~~~heat blankets
~~~first aid kit
~~~ace bandage
~~~sewing kit
Whew! If there is anything you can think of that I am missing, fill me in! I am sure I forgot something, or at least forgot to write it down here.

Wow. That was a pretty pointless blog. Better get to doing one of those things I guess...go be productive Chelsea!


Ashley Wray said...

You have been busy (and productive!) what good ideas (yes, even the spince cabinet, I need to do the same thing to mine!) I've read that Jodi Picoult book, so good but I must warn you kind of a depressing/weird ening.
Thanks for your sweet testimony on your last post. Love ya!

Teddy, Scott, & baby Jane said...

Um....ME hello!!!!! I am so jealous of your spice cabinet. We've had this conversation. I hate mine with a passion,as you know, will you come do mine now?? haha. When the heck have you squozen (yep I just made up a new word I think), squozen all that in?? Good job girl! Love ya

Marjie said...

I'm sort of tired just reading how busy you are. Ha! Love you.

Richard and Carlie said...

Wow! Go you! I'm not gonna lie, that was so fun to read! It seriously made me want to go organize my spices!!

Chelsea said...

holy schmoley. It would take me decades to accomplish half that. You're a little bunny, you are!