Thursday, March 22, 2012

36 Weeks

We had a busy week! Well, we were preparing for a busy week to be had, anyway. I got an amniocentesis on Wednesday the 21st to see if the boys were ready to make their appearance. They decided to stay put for a little while longer and develop their unless I go into labor soon, we plan on a c-section on April 4th. They have a little more growing to do, I guess! 1 week ago they were 4.14 and 5.3, so we are thinking that 2 weeks from now they might both be close to 6 lbs. each! That would be so wonderful, the bigger, the healthier, and we love healthy.
(O- and I was completely scared and totally dreading the amnio...turns out the actual procedure is a piece of cake~just takes about 15 seconds and only hurts as bad as a blood draw. The 24 hours after were pretty uncomfortable, however. Cramping and random pains, even lifting a milk carton hurt me:( But after the first day it went away, so that is a relief.)
They are continuously bumping one another, hiccuping like crazy, and morphing my belly into shapes I didn't know it could stretch too:) It is funny because baby B will sometimes lie on top of baby A, which extends my belly right in the middle by about 2 inches! He quickly realizes he is more squished than he was in his own space and slides right back into a comfy position.
I often get worried about our little guys getting too smashed in there, and almost always they give me a quick bump right after my worries begin. They are already looking out for their momma, I SO look forward to having these two boys protect me for the next 80 years:) I can't even tell you how anxious we are to meet them. Cody is so excited to be a daddy. Whenever I get nervous or have fears about what lies ahead, he reminds me of the amazing joys we are about to receive. We have waited so, so long to have this opportunity. I can't wait to welcome these boys into our family of 5; for there to be 2 new nephews, 2 new cousins, 2 new grandsons in the family. There are so many people ready to love them. I have a feeling these next 2 weeks are going to be some of the slowest ever...and the next 2 years will then fly by:) I keep thinking of something I heard at a meeting a while ago, love every moment because they will be over before you know it. O how I pray I can remember that is these joyous and trying months ahead!


becca said...

good luck with everything chelsea! i can't even imagine having 2 babies squirm around on top of each other inside me....that description was wild!!! thinking of you and can't wait to see your sweet boys!

Jess said...

Be sure to just rest and take it easy. I'm so excited for you both! I admire how much gratitude you have for life and the blessings you have, so many take things like pregnancy for granted. Thanks for your example~

Emily said...

I am SO, SO excited for you. I LOVE the maternity pics too. You look SO great. Seriously you look great pregnant! I can't wait to see pics of the little guys and I am so glad they are doing well.

Liz said...

I am so excited for the both of you. I hope these next two weeks don't drag on to long for you. Once you see those cute little faces all of the pregnancy aches and pains will be a distant memory. You will both be such great parents! Good luck! -Lizzy