Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fun week...

This week has been long, but fun! We are doing a few last things before the boys make their arrival on the 4th. We haven't been able to decide what to do for the nursery, and Cody finally took the initiative and painted these ADORABLE pictures! I honestly could not love them any more. I love that they are so "boy" and that they are perfect for a kids room. He did such an awesome job, the boys will love them:)

Robot and Horton

Toy plane
I am pretty boring these days, but when we heard that there were 2 brand new baby giraffes at the zoo we had to visit! We were literally there for 30 minutes max, my body doesn't hack long, hot walks these days! Here is a pic of me at 37.5 weeks, and 2 baby giraffes, just a week or so old. 
We went on a fun date on Friday to a delicious bistro that had the best hamburger I have ever eaten! Then off to a new ice cream shop called Orange Leaf. Get this...peanut butter ice cream. Could it get ANY better?! Not for me, I was in heaven! Cody has been such a trooper to hang out with me even though it has been on the couch, he will be happy to have two sweet boys out of my tummy so he can have his wife back...well, a little bit of me anyway~! 
In much more fun news, we got a new niece yesterday! Amanda had her sweet baby girl (no name quite yet), yesterday. She is 7 lbs. 4 oz. and beautiful! I think she looks like a mix between Hunter and Megan. I just want to meet her right now! It is hard not seeing her cute kids right when they are born. I was there for Ian, Megan, and David, so it is sad to not be there for her last 2! I can't wait to meet her in August when we all go back to Montana for a few days. 


chelsea mckell said...

We have an Orange Leaf here in Bountiful too! I'll have to check it out. It's one of those self-serve places.
Very cute picture! (you AND the giraffes!)
Way to go keeping those babies in so long! I can't wait to hear about their arrival! You'll text me first immediately after, right? :)

Ariel said...

Those are awesome paintings, wow! And what a cute maternity shirt. Wishing you a smooth labor and delivery! With twins though, I don't think Cody will feel like he's got his wife back for a couple years;)