Sunday, September 28, 2008

Book Review

I had heard alot about this book, These is my Words by Nancy Turner. Okay, so maybe not a ton about the details of the book, but just amazing reviews overall. You know, just people telling you, "You have to read this!"
I agree with every one of them. This is unlike any book that I have ever read before. It is a journal of a woman in the late 1800's and the trials that she goes through from day to day. This book made me feel sorrow every time that I picked it up, but also showed me how we can overcome pains in our lives. I learned so much reading about her and her family and the way that they handled the hardships that they were faced with. I also learned what a weakling I am! It is amazing the physical and emotional mountains that the pioneers of that day overcame.
Many of her words strengthened me. Many of her words made me cry. Many of her words made me want to be a better person and stand up for who I am and what I believe.
I recommend this book to everyone! It was a very enjoyable read...if you don't mind a tear hear or there.

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