Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Color Me Mine

We had quite the artsy weekend! On Friday night we went to color me mine and made some AWESOME cereal bowls! Can you tell which one is Cody's?!

It is a pretty fun experience. They have tons of different items to choose from. We chose bowls, our friends Tanner and Brittany chose a santa clause and a jewelry box. 

From there, you choose your colors. 

Obviously, from Cody's bowl, you can tell that the choices are endless! Some are solid, some are speckled, lights and darks, bright and dull. 

We spent like 2 1/2 hours there just painting up a storm! 
Then, they fire the pottery for you and you pick them up 3 days later. We had a blast, but it is quite pricey so it will probably be a while before we return! (Not to mention the fact that we are the most artistic people ever!)


jen said...

What timing. My sister just sent me a calendar for Color Me Mine and told me that ladies get a free studio fee on Tuesdays. And of course there's a 2 for 1 fee on Fridays or something fro date nights.

Looks like you had fun.

Ashley Wray said...

What a fun idea for date night, very original! I did figure your bowl was the cute pastel one :) I just talked to Katie and she told me about some cute decopage (spelling?) letters that you 2 did this weekend too, lets see them!

Brianne, Dan and Lana!! said...

dude! Cody's bowl is dang cool...(yours is cool too :) ) I want to do that!

adorable pearsons said...

You seriously just did my dream date, man am i jealous! Seriously, we are always looking for pottery places like that. There were a few in Cali, but talk about expensive :). However, I want to get my hands dirty and throw some clay on the wheel! Your bowls look so cute, great job!