Sunday, September 14, 2008

Crazy, Exciting, Expensive!

Do we have a future Creighton Alum on our hands? Well...
Cody went to interview at Creighton last weekend and everything went great! He loved everything that he experienced. He met a ton of Doctors, professors, and saw the entire campus. He said that he felt so good the entire time that he was there! I am sure that it helped that his big bro Will, a Creighton Alum, went with him and showed him his old stomping grounds. Cody even checked out some townhomes that we could possibly buy if we move there...AHHH! It is where Will and Wendy lived and Aaron and Erika live there now. Erika is being our  little realtor, so we know we will end up with something great! Life is getting crazy, exciting, and expensive all at the same time! Wherever we end up we will love every minute...except maybe the first two years! Hehe!

Cody also helped me cook this week...okay, well chop up some cantelope, anyway! He even let me take some action shots!

That is one crazy man! He makes life extremely exciting, as you can see!

As for the rest of our life, everything is great! Cody is definitely getting his share of school work this semester, which is keeping him busy. He is in BioChem, Genetics, Ecology, History, Physics all this semester! (O, and bowling...that one helps relieve some stress!) 
I am keeping busy with my nanny job, and love it! This week we went to the library, to the park multiple times, and my favorite...the DINOSAUR museum at Thanksgiving Point! If you live in UT and you haven't been there, I highly recommend it! It is pretty pricey, but honestly, it is worth it. I thought that the museum was never going to end! Not only was I entertained, bust so was little 4 year old Dylan! It was great!
I also just finished the 4th Twilight book, and I am beginning to read "The Host" which is also by Stephanie Meyer. It seems a little strange, but I have heard good things, so I will let you know.
O yeah, only 10 more days until we have a new nephew! Woo-hoo! My mom is flying down, too, which I am totally excited about. It was hard to leave her after being with her so much during the summer. She is going to teach me how to crochet, I can't wait! One of my friends in high school, Emily, taught me how at one point, but I have forgotten!


Allison said...

Hey Chelsea! It's your old roomie! :) It was great to see you! You are a cutie!! Seems like things are going great!

Brianne, Dan and Lana!! said...

yea for the dino museum!

Richard and Carlie said...

Wow, sounds like you guys are going through an exciting time...Where is Creighton???

Mark and Stef said...

Chels! You sound so happy, I love it! I'm so glad everything went so well for Cody. And that's great that you're still liking your nanny job. You need to come over my place so we can go to the park together with our kids, ok!!!!

Brian and chelsea said...

yeah, where is creighton? Im too lazy to look it up myself.
I saw a commercial for the thanksgiving point dino museum.... I was a little offended. The dinosaur central of the world is supposed to be VERNAL! Not silly ol LEHI. Ridiculous. Vernal has the Dinosaur National Monument. We deserve the recognition of all things dino-related. In fact, I know for a fact that Vernal is where all the dinosaurs DIED. Ever been out here? They died of boredom.

oh - we actually still live in Provo. We still own our house. We go "home" every weekend. This vernal gig is temporary. It should be over within the next month or two. And you're in Provo too, right? We need to get together! I know Cody isnt big on hanging out with other couples, but perhaps he could make an exception :) So we are home on saturdays and sundays. We dont have church til 2, so you could drop by on a sunday morning, or anytime on saturday (well, Brianna goes to bed at 7:30ish) You could come over, or we could come over, or we could all meet up somewhere... whateva works!