Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bitter Sweet

I am not sure where to begin. Today is bitter sweet...Bitter for Cody and I, sweet for the Sadler's. Aaron got an awesome job in Casper, Wyoming and they left Omaha for good this morning. I am so sad. It has been kind of an emotional roller coaster for me. I am so, so happy for Aaron and Erika. They have been in Omaha for a long time and I know that they will miss it, but I also know that they are going to love Casper. I just can't imagine living here without those four. It is amazing how attached you can get to people without really realizing it. I think that we took if for granted them living right across the street. I know we didn't see them every day, but the fact is, we knew they were there if we needed each other. We also knew they were there because of:
-the constant knocking on our back door and Brevin sneaking in without Erika knowing.
-the "Chang! Ching! Chang!" noises coming from the boys FOAM swords clinging together.
-Erika sitting outside in the shade of her ONE tree reading and trying to keep from sweating horribly while the boys play outside for hours on end.
-We couldn't have made it through our trials and blessings of Warner without their constant care, blessings, and love. Not to mention the amazing pictures Erika got of us loving our sweet baby boy.
-Erika and I stalking one another, always asking "where were you from 4:23 to 5:14 last night?!"
-Late night cookie drop offs, Cody is really going to miss those
-Aaron was great at popping in just to check on us, make sure that we were surviving our crazy lives
-I will never forget Erika asking me to come over and see something and her showing me baby Holt's ultrasound picture. We were both crying. I can't wait to meet him, and I feel a little jipped that they left just 1 month before he makes his appearance.
-The "Naked Jedi's" running around in their star wars undies, they kept the neighborhood on their toes
-Brevin screaming across the street telling me about his day at school
-Erika was my constant replenishment when I ran out of eggs, anything from costco, etc.
-BBQ's when we could squeeze them faves were Aaron's spicy wings
-I loved picking Brevin up from school, he did great in his class and it was so fun to watch
-The hugs, O the hugs. I just got tears in my eyes just thinking about the hugs. Those boys are willing to give love whenever you ask for it. I will never forget the hug I got from Jace right before we left for the hospital to deliver Warner. It was perfect.
So many more reasons to miss them, I can't even write them all. I am so beyond glad that they were here for at least a little while during our lives here in Omaha. I have grown so close to Erika, and I know that is something that we will never lose, and that we never would have had if we hadn't lived so close. I feel like I have lost my best friend, but good thing I will never really lose her because we are family!

We love you guys so much, if you decide you can't take being away from us you are welcome to move back anytime!

I mean, really, how could you not love these boys...?


Rachael F said...

That totally made me laugh about the naked jedi's! Hahaha, that's what I'll remember most about those boys! :)

ensadler said...

Yes Village Green will not be the same without the naked Jedi's! (or white trash, which I am sure some people thought) :) They are now the naked jedi's of Casper. It is crazy being away and I am not sure it has sunk in all the way. I am going to miss you guys terribly but you will be out of there sooner than you think! Thanks for all the help you guys were while we were there. I must say I LOVED my Monday night left overs! :) The boys miss you already. It was awesome becoming "real friends" while we were there. Maybe one day we will live close again. I wish you were here to get awesome pictures of Baby Holt as I know you are more than capable! Love and hugs! We miss you!