Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Prairie Club

Spring Break. Ahhh. Spring Break. May 1-3 we went to the Prairie Club in Valentine, NE. It was much, much needed this year! Cody had his hardest round of finals yet, and they are OVER! Hallelujah!  We really, really needed to get out of Omaha and really have a break.We love Omaha but it is nice to go on a vacation every once in a while. Cody and Scott went to this golf club last year, and they haven't stopped talking about since. They loved the golf, the sheets(haha seriously they raved about the "spa sheets", they were pretty stinking soft, I might have to purchase some:)), and the food. We had all of the same experiences as they did! We were treated so well, and it was so nice to relax and just golf it up with my hubby. I really am beginning to enjoy golf a whole lot more, and Cman is so happy about that!
This picture is the "point of solitude"...

Beautiful course...smack dab in the middle of Nebraska if you can't tell! The drive there was actually so beautiful. I am really learning to love, love, love the beauty of rolling hills.

Gotta love self portraits. Good job camera!

This was my favorite tree. Isn't it awesome!? I was seriously obsessed with it. It looks so awesome just sitting up there all alone. Not to mention the lone fence on the right side...I should really edit this pic into something amazing. I will work on that asap. (Okay, not asap, I am in the midst of editing my latest photo shoot of Jane. It is a killer awesome one...get ready for some smiles!)

Okay...look close at the picture below. There are 2 balls on this green. One is at about 15 feet, one is at 2 feet. Which one is mine? Which one is Cman's? Mine is the closer one! YAHOO!! Not only is it the closer one, but I hit this with a 5 iron from 160 yards out! I was so happy! I even grabbed the camera and took a picture of my happy face...but I will spare you.

The O-So-Happy couple. We had a blast. I love my hubbs, I love spending time with him, I love golfing with him! It was a great weekend.
P.S....I had to throw this picture in. We didn't exactly have perfect weather for our first day of 36 holes. Cody was jumping in and out of the cart into a downpour of rain/sleet for abour 18 holes. I stayed in the cart cuddled up in a quilt I took from the hotel! Pretty creepy clouds, huh!? We still had the time of our lives, though!

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