Sunday, February 24, 2008

The #1 Weekend...

Okay, so we had an amazing weekend!

We went to Las Vegas and stayed at the Bellagio...sooo nice! The bathroom was humongo, the bed was a king size (more roomy than our queen!) and our room was cleaned 3 times daily! (Which, I have to admit, was actually annoying! They came at 8:30 am, not too cool, and they seemed to always come during my naps! But, overall, the hotel was great. We learned quickly that our favorite place to eat was "Jean Phillipe"...amazing, amazing, amazing. They had this Mango Gelato that couldn't have tasted more fresh!

They also made pastries, muffins, brioche, and crepes-any way that you like them! We ordered breakfast crepes, dinner crepes, and dessert crepes! This was the chocolate die for! It had chocolate syrup, chocolate chunks that literally melted in your mouth (and believe me, I am not a fan of chocolate chunks of anything!), powdered sugar, whipped creme, bananas (which I added because I am addicted), and chocolate shavings...

It was so neat, the ladies made them right in front of is mesmerizing to watch!

I also had a 'rose macaroon' die for! It was raspberry flavored with cream and fresh raspberries in the middle, it was great!

We also at ate a Steak house that we had to pay $44 for a 10-ounce steak...WHEW! Talk about pricey...but, that steak did taste dang good! Overall, our food experience was topped off by Jean Phillipe and the world's largest chocolate fountain. There was both milk chocolate and white chocolate in it, and it had to be 20 feet high, it was awesome.

The best part about the food was...Cody went down and got me breakfast, I didn't even have to go and get it myself! He spoiled me so much, he treated me amazing, I LOVE him! I honestly felt so spoiled, and I loved it!

We went to Phantom of the Opera, it was SPECTACULAR! I cannot even explain how wonderful it was. Each of the actors was exactly on cue, the music was outstanding. I think that I had chills the entire show. We were in the 8th row...yes...the eighth row! We were so close...I can't even tell you what my favorite part was. Everything was so was beautiful.

We also went to STOMP! It was hilarious! We had so much fun trying to replicate what they were doing on the stage. They truly are talented at pounding on things!!! Hehe! They used brooms, basketballs, boxes, rubber pipes, keys, newspapers, bananas...everything that you can think of! We were so entertained the entire time, I HIGHLY recommend it!

And, of course, we walked....and Walked...and WALKED...!! It is crazy how tired you get of walking around in Vegas! The first day we were go...go...go...the second day we relaxed a little more! Cody found an awesome Tiger Woods belt, and I got some Privo shoes that I LOVE! We definitely had our share of fun.

Thank you, honey, for a much-needed weekend of pampering.


Ashley said...

Looks like you had sooo much fun and ate some really yummy food! That chocalate fountain is amazing! I could just stand underneath it and drink up chocalate all day long! Glad you guys had such a great time!

Luke and Lacee said...

I am totally salivating right now! I really am a bit jealous on two points: We have been married 3 years and are yet to go on a just for us vacation, also you guys have a queen bed! We are still on a full! Anyways good for you, it sounds like it was way fun! ~Lacee
PS. I'm totally excited to talk to you later, thanks!

ensadler said...

Sounds like fun! Next time, take me! Ü

Aaron & Jen said...

How fun! It sounded so romantic and like you had a blast! I love the pictures of the food and that chocolate fountain, holy cow!! It was really great to chat with you for a moment on Sunday, someday we'll chat it up some more, I get to sit in RS next Sunday the whole time, yay! :)