Thursday, February 28, 2008

My First Creme Brulee!

Yummy! I know this is not my food blog...but everyone has a recipe for creme brulee already! It is officially my favorite dessert, and I have never, ever made it before! The first time I had it I was on a date with my Mom and we went to Enzo's. (For those of you not from Billings, you are missing out!) It was for a birthday dinner, and they brought us a free creme brulee. After the first bite I swear...I FELL IN LOVE!! Ever since then I have LOVED this dessert. My wonderful mother bought me a kit for Christmas, and it has taken me this long to get around to it! ahh! (probably because I spend all of my time BLOGGING!) Anyway, it was so, so yummy! I did a brown sugar topping, per my husbands request, and it was to die for! Of course, I have some improvements to make next time, but all-in-all, my first time making this delicious dessert was a success!


Kecia said...

So I found your blog through Chelsea McKell's. I'm WAY excited about your food blog (Glenn is too, though I haven't told him about it

Are you from Billings? My brother in law was born and raised in Livingston, just up the road. Its beautiful up there!

idahostott said...

Hey Alexsis here - so funny story for you - that is my all time favorite dessert i mean so much my favorite that I will determine where I eat at depending on whether this dessert is served!! but the funny thing is that your brother totally dogs on it everytime - telling me that all it is is yogurt and that it's gross and doesn't even look good, can imagine the tangent he goes off on yet EVERY time I order it ------ HE eats it!!

idahostott said...

Creme Brulee, Come on it should be called Cream de burnt yogurt, Its not that I dont Like it its that it costs $10 for 10 cents worth of yogurt!!! and why eat burnt yogurt when you could have cheese cake!!! Nate