Thursday, February 14, 2008


I LOVE it when it snows.

Something about it makes me feel peaceful...

Something about it makes me feel pure…

Someday I would love to have a picture like this, FRAMED, in my living room of my house.


I also love…

Having someone to run with


Our pillow top bed

The Temple

Nieces and nephews and their "firsts" (counting to ten, talking, crawling)


My juicy couture pants


Laughing so hard my abs burn

Being tickled to death by my husband, even though I scream bloody murder while he is doing it.

Amaretto anything at all


Reading with Cody next to me playing video games

Family to love us, care for us, and give us advice

The movie 'The Notebook'

Praying to our Heavenly Father

Hearing Cody whistle at the most random times



That one day every once in while when I can cry for no reason at all

People who are uplifting

Music-it truly is therapy sometimes

Quotes...they build me up

Feeling sore after a killer workout

My 'Book of Mormon for families'

Friends who I haven't seen in forever that I can call and it seems like we talked yesterday

Doing my client's hair

My husband's obsessions

Those Saturdays when the only things to do on my list is nothing

A prophet to guide us

Oil of Olay soap

How it feels outside right after it rains

Taking baths

The more I realize how many things I have to LOVE in this life, the more I realize how much I take for granted...don't we all?


Nels, Drea, and Crew said...

Great post Chels. We are all blessed with so much, especially a great family! Love Ya!

Ashley Wray said...

Loved your loves! It's so true, all those little things are so easy to take for granted! Hope you guys have a great time in Vegas!

Lacee said...

Lovely post, it was very nice, thanks. Hope you are having an awesome time in Las Vegas, what a fun surprise! ~Lacee

Mark, Stef, and Grace said...

Chels, you are so cute! What a good reminder of all the things to be grateful for! I miss you. Hope you're having fun in Vegas!

AmandaS said...