Sunday, October 5, 2008

Busy, Uplifting, Fun weekend!

It was the best weekend EVER! Okay, maybe not ever, but it was really great.

On Friday Cody and I both got done with work/school at 12:00, so then we partied! Okay, so I took a nap while he did a little homework, but it was relaxing none the less. Then, we went to Eagle Eye with Tanner and Brittany. 

We love our buddies!

Anyway, it was sooo good! It was action the entire time, so I literally felt like I needed a massage when I left to get me to de-stress. It is a great date-night movie...and a really fun one to watch on the big screen!

After the movie, we played a little blockus, and yes, for the second time, Cody got EVERY SINGLE one of his pieces laid down! Can you tell what color he was?

For those of you who have played, blockus, you know that is IMPOSSIBLE! For those of you who haven't, it is so much are missing out!

Then, of course, our conference weekend began. It was so amazing...every minute of the 8 hours! I only cried 3 times, which is a record for me. I felt the Spirit constantly during the meetings. I was especially grateful for Elder Uchtdorf's talk on Hope, and Elder Cook's talk on trials.

I got to work on finishing Cody's mission scrapbook the entire weekend, which was amazing! Laurel started it, (and by STARTING it I mean she did THREE full binders) and I am just doing the last 10 pages or so. I am so excited for it to be finished, I am sure that Laurel is too. She spent countless hours on his scrapbooks and we will never forget her time! They are beautiful pages, every one of them.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, Brittany and I went to Nights in Rodanthe on Saturday while the boys were at Priesthood session of conference. It was a tear jerker! I have read the book, but it has honestly been like 3 years. I had completely forgotten what had happened...and it surprised me! I know, crazy that I could forget...! Anyway, it was a great movie to go with only the girls to, unless you like to sniff and drip tears on your husbands shoulder as he is rolling his eyes and sleeping at the same time!


Brianne, Dan and Lana!! said...

haha....I am going to make Dan go to Nights in Rodanthe with me......just to annoy him

Brian and chelsea said...

we love blockus! I didnt know it was a popular game....

and Im glad you saw Rodanthe - I totally thought about you when I saw the previews, since its by the same author as the notebook.

my fav conference moment: when elder Hales mentioned BLOGGING!