Sunday, October 26, 2008


This weekend was super busy, which equals not seeing my hub quite as much as I want to...sad. However, once you hear how much fun we had when we were together you won't feel bad for me at all!
Friday: Cody headed over to Grandma and Grandpa Warner's to help them out with their new internet. They are in the high-speed club now...not to mention my parents! I love it when people that I love join the current fads! Anyway, he visited with them as well as with Laurel. She has been here for almost a week now and I haven't even seen her! That is how crazy life has been...I know, I am a horrible daughter in worries, we have her on the schedule tomorrow night! After Cody got home, we headed out to Magleby's Fresh...and I couldn't have any chocolate cake! Tear...
I did get some Tomato Pesto soup that was to die for! I even brought some home to enjoy for leftovers, and boy did I enjoy them. After din din, what else did we do...hmm...I think we were really, really productive. What was it? O, YES...We watched an entire disc of THE OFFICE! For our wedding, wonderful PJ, Carrie, and Corrie got us the first season. I love the office, but Cody had watched one here and there and just couldn't catch the humor. We decided, aka I begged, to watch the first season just to see if maybe he would like it if he watched it consistantly. Well, that died hard. It took about 1 year to get him to watch the second season...and that is when the addiction began! There were a few episodes that he was literally dying laughing at. Now, he is the one who begs to watch it! YES! P.S. All of you people who want to ruin it for us...please hold it in. We have had one too many people spill the big surprises to us...maybe there are one or two that will actually take us by surprise...we will see!
Saturday, Saturday. This was a killer busy and killer fun day! I woke up and whipped up some pumpkin bars and began making white chicken chili for our dinner that night. Then, I showered, got ready, ate breakfast, and headed out to replace funace filters in the apartments. It is amazing the things that I have learned being a manager! I love it! I go into these apartments to change their filter and these couples are totally amazed that I can do it! (Which, by the way, it is totally easy and takes no skill whatsoever). It is kind of fun to have boys look at me like I am a tough girl as I am getting dirty in my Seven jeans and pink hoodie! Anyway, the first time I did this in all of the apts it literally took me like 2 hours...these days we can whip it out in 40 minutes!
After that...we headed to the BYU football game! It was THE PERFECT WEATHER! (Okay, so Cody might comment to this post...He told me afterwords that I kept saying, "O my gosh, it is so nice out here! There is practically no wind, and it is just PERFECT!" Anyway, the entire time half of his body was getting beat down by the sun, he is literally burned on half his face, neck, and arm! He didn't even tell me! He just took it like a man...way to go, HUB!)Anyway, It was literally like 67 degrees, a little wind, perfect amount of sun, we had great seats, it was a blast! Not to mention sitting by a very information and analytical husband who can tell me exactly what plays, formation, etc. the team is running. I love it! I am sad because that will probably be the last BYU game we get to see!
Right after the game we came home and I made the frosting for the pumpkin bars and finished making the white chicken chili. We headed up to Amanda's house right away to see them and Grandma and Grandpa Stott. They are headed off on a cruise to the Panama Canal...without us! Hehe! However, they did stay a night in Utah prior to their trip, so I guess that counts for something. We had such a wonderful time talking to them, it was a blast. They told us everything that they are planning on doing, INCLUDING MY 80 YEAR OLD GRANDMA DOING A ZIPLINE! Can you beleive it?! I told her that she HAD to take a picture, but she refused. I am really hoping that Grandpa will pull through and snap a shot of her!
Sunday was filled will practicing for the Primary program, Home teaching, Visiting teaching, Priesthood and Relief Society meetings, making homemade lasangne and breadsticks, peanut butter cookies, and, of course, a couple more episodes of the office!


Ashley Wray said...

How fun! I think it sounds like you had a way fun and productive weekend! I can't believe that grandma is going to do the zipline! Hiralious! That pumpkin bar recipe sounds amazing, I'm definetly going to have to try that!
How is the GF free thing working out? Have you noticed that your knee is better? I love all your yummy recipes! Oh, and we LOVE the Office, like we're a little obsessed and it's not healthy! Glad that Cody finally came around!

Brian and chelsea said...

The Office on Sunday? You SINNER!
Are you in the primary? Me too! Im the one behind the piano playing "hello, hello" a million times. Dontcha love that song theyre doing "if the savior stood beside me" ? It gets stuck in my head all day.

Mark and Stef said...

Wow Chels! You sure are a busy bee these days! Speaking of bees, I want to go see the "Secret Life Of Bees" with you. That is, if you haven't already seen it. We go out of town this weekend but when we get back we should go! And I'm so glad Cody finally got into The Office! Took him long enough =)

Nels, Drea, & and; Crew said...

Whew! I am tired just reading that! Sounds like you had a great weekend!

P.S. Can I hire you to come and be my personal chef?