Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cody and Chelsea's weekend of FUN!(aka nieces/nephews!)

Well, our weekend was great! We got to see both Amanda, Kevin, Ian, Megan AND Will, Wendy, Whitney, Halle, and Dane! Woo-hoo for nieces and nephews! 
On Saturday I woke up and went to a Roasting technique class as Williams-Sonoma. I have honestly never roasted any type of meat! Crazy me, I know! I have eaten my momma's roasted food and always loved it, I just never knew quite how to do it, so I always strayed away. Well, now I am all educated, so perhaps I will venture out in the next few weeks and roast me some pork! Or Chicken, Or...anything!
After the class we got to go to our friends' baby blessing. It was so wonderful! I worked with Stef in the salon and then we both left at the same time. Grace is about 3 months old and we blessed her at their house. Mark gave a beautiful blessing, and then we had some yummy BBQ! They even had cheddarwursts...Cheddar brotwursts. YUMM! 
Then, we headed to SLC! We have been wanting to go to Pottery Barn, simply because we know we can't afford anything there and it is fun to want! Ha! We have had this recent obsession with HGTV and we wanted to see some awesome things that we could easily do ourselves for, well, cheaper! Of course, we ended up buying something...

A shadow box! I know this is a horrible picture, but it gives you the idea. We even got it for...50% off! Woo-hoo! Now, the best part about the shadow box are the pictures inside of it. Cody took a few pictures that we had from his mission, our wedding, and our 1 year anniversary and changed the color tones of them all. Yellow, Orange, Red, and Blue is what you have above. He did a few others as well, but these were the ones that made the cut into the shadow box...for now anyway! I think that these may be my new favorite way to display pictures. I was able to put "my family" on a word strip, as well as super-cute tacks to hold the pictures and totally adorable ribbons in it! It is tons of fun, all in one display...I suggest you invest!
After Pottery Barn we headed off to Amanda and Kevin's...who, may I add, had just got a fridge off of KSL for $35 for their garage! Seriously, KSL is my new favorite thing! Anyway, we hung out for a while then went to Johanna's Kitchen for dinner...except we all got breakfast! We all really doubted Kevin when he wanted to go there, but he swore that it was good. It is one of those mom and pop restaurants that can be a little sketch sometimes....anyway, it was great! Not to mention the heaps of food for only $8!
On Sunday I taught my first Sharing Time as a counselor. Whew! I was happy that after hours of planning everything went smooth. It is amazing how much time it can take to plan something to entertain kids for a mere 30 minutes! It is also amazing to see the knowledge that they receive from the lessons and from their parents. I know that I am going to gain a great testimony of the importance of children through this amazing calling.
The best thing about Sunday, however, was that we got to see Will, Wendy and clan! I sure miss that family after seeing them so often this summer. I swear that all three of the kids have grown an inch in the past 2 1/2 months! Not to mention that Dane is WALKING! It was fun to see him waddle around and take a spill here and there. Whitney is getting smarter and smarter, I can't believe the things that she remembers and can tell me all about. Halle was sure talkative once we got her going, and unlike a couple of months ago, I can actually understand her! Yeah!
Well, off to another week, we will see what fun things come up!!!

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I just wanted to say hi and tell you that I freaking love reading your blog!