Saturday, October 11, 2008

Deco Day!

Today was a major decoration day. Cody and I were busy all day not only watching football and studying for tests, but painting, sanding, sawing, and placing crown molding shelves. Actually, we had a ton of fun!

Both of these shelves are from Pottery Barn, they just needed a little love... The larger one needed some paint touch ups, and the small one needed LOTS of help! A side of the molding on top was missing (the edge that you can see), and the paint was chipped up everywhere.
Cody worked diligently for HOURS to make a homemade edge with crappy tools. (Someday we will have good ones for you hunny! I promise!) 

He did great at replicating the molding on the rest of the shelf, and then he gave it an antiqued look when he painted it. It looks amazing! The pictures don't do it justice...

Meanwhile, I painted the larger one plain black. 

It was more time consuming than I thought it would be trying to get the paint perfectly smooth, but it ended up great, too! Here are both of their finished projects:

Now, my favorite part about ALL OF THIS is what we put on top of our beautiful shelf! I worked long and hard (okay, so it is actually really easy if you can cut and paste...) on these letters, and they turned out SOOOO adorable!

We feel so accomplished and like we learned a lot today. We had so much fun working on something together to make our house just a little cuter! I am excited for our next project...whatever that may be!!!


Nels, Drea, and Crew said...

Way to go! I am very impressed.

ensadler said...

Ha! That would have given Aaron an excuse to go get new tools, not just grin and bear it with the crappy ones. When you are here you can borrow Aaron's. He doesn't let just anyone borrow his tools, but he would obviously let you guys! They turned out very nice!! Cute letters, how did you do it?

Ashley Wray said...

Cute cute! Love the sign and shelves! All they needed was a little love and they look amazing! Did you find them on Craigslist or what? Way to go crafty girl!

chelsea mckell said...

hmmm... what could your next CUTE, LITTLE project be... hmm... something CUTE and LITTLE!

Mark, Stef, and Grace said...

Wow, look at you guys! That looks awesome. Chels, how did you make that winterholler sign? That is so cute. I want to make one. We do need to get together this week. Don't forget Grace's blessing this saturday too! Call me!