Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My first Cooking Class!

My first cooking class...And it was amazing! Okay, so I will start from the beginning...

Basically, I have an amazing husband. I always have these incredibly high aspirations for hobbies in my life. I want to learn to cook, learn to be great at scrapbooking,  learn... well, everything! However, I never take the time to sign up for classes to learn how to be great at these things. So, Cody has recently done some research for me into cooking classes! He knows how bad I want to do them, but at the same time I just don't want to suck it up and spend the money to get what I want. Anyway, he gave me a list of classes at Thanksgiving point in Lehi. I looked it over, thought about signing up, and just didn't do it. (Figures, right?)
About a week later, Cody says to me in a friendly, yet accusing tone, "Why haven't you signed up for classes yet?" I couldn't think of an excuse for the life of me. Even if I thought that I came up with a good one, Cody would somehow counter-defend his angle, and I would be left thinking, "I want to do this, HE wants me to do this, why am I NOT DOING IT?!" 
Later that night, I signed up for my number one choice of classes, 

Kelsey's Kitchen: 5 under 5

Kelsey is LDS and was in the final four on food network's "The Next Food Network Star"! She was every bit as pleasant and likeable as she was on the show. She is completely full of personality and is incredibly entertaining. I loved to hear her stories of how she got to where she is....and now, where she is headed! 

Here was the menu:
Caprese Skewers
Tortellini with Fresh Sage Butter 
Mediterranean Salmon Bake
Roasted Asparagus

It was all delicious! Not to mention, all of the recipes were under 5 ingredients. I am looking forward to making them myself, although this gluten free thing sure ruins the tortellini. I will look for some other rice pasta that can fit in the recipe I guess. Her two top tips were:

"Always use kosher salt"
"If you can get it fresh, use it fresh!"

I learned a ton of little things as well as how to make the above recipes. It sounds silly, but watching someone else cook really helps you see things that you could do differently. I am so excited to cut an onion! To mince some garlic! To bake some sage!? Yeah, she warms it in the microwave...crazy, but beautiful.


jen said...

Hey cool! I just met her today. :) I agree she's really sweet.

If you need ideas for gf recipes I have a couple blogs that I love that could help you out.

I love cooking classes! You know Williams-Sonoma has free classes/demonstrations on Saturdays? This Saturday I'll be going to one if you want to come along. Although I'm sure it won't be gf :(

jen said...

I didn't know where else to send you a message. I don't have your email! hehe anyway, I wouldn't be surprised if it was okay to just come along. I hope you can!

I love today's entry. The second picture is one of our fathers when they were younger. I couldn't believe it when I saw it!

Brianne, Dan and Lana!! said...

Yay for learning to cook better so you can make me more yummy things!

Ashley Wray said...

How fun! I can seriously see you starting your own cooking show on the food network or something! All those dishes sound amazing, you'll have to post recipes!

idahostott said...

ok so funny thing - your brother LOVES to cook and he only uses Kosher Salt!! that's great to hear good for you!! Your brother and I actually watched her on the Next Food Network Star - he loves the food network!!

Brian and chelsea said...

why only kosher salt?

Ya know, the more I read your blogs, the more I consider branching out from the 4 dishes I cook every night on a rotation...

thanks for the kick in the pants. Though Im sure thats not your purpose in posting (or is it? do you wake up each morning and think "how could I help chelsea mckell improve her life today?)