Sunday, November 16, 2008


I can feel it...I am going to have an addiction to BYU basketball games this season. We went on Friday night and I had a blast! (The company was great...maybe that helped a little!) The first half was definitely a little sketch, just asked my dad. I called him at half time to, well...I am not sure why! I think it is purely because I am a daddy's girl. I have this thing with sporting events. I HAVE to call my pops and let him know that I am there, and the fun that he is missing out on having with me! I think I just really wish he was there giving me a play-by-play and such. Anyway, I love you dad! Anyway, again, the first half was shabby. Not much Defense was happening, which makes for quite a sad basketball game. I actually said to Cody, "I feel like I am watching a high school game!" Well, Coach Rose must have thought the same thing, because the second half was awesome! That is what a good butt chewing gets you I guess. The game ending up being a blast, leaving me itching for Thursday night, the next game.

We went to Quantum of Solace...and I give it an A+. Enough Said. (O, but make sure that you watch the previous 007 before going, it is a sequel.)

As for the Primary Program, it went wonderful! All of the kids knew their lines so well...good job kids!

We had a great weekend...and only 3 days until Carrie underwood, 6 until Coldplay, and 8 until HOME!!!

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Ashley Wray said...

Fun! Glad the primary program went well, you never know how those will plan out. I'm on 6 days till' home, yay for Billings!