Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving break, what a wonderful time! We got to fly home to Billings on Tuesday morning. My dad picked us up from the airport and he and mom took us to MacKenzie River Pizza, my favorite place EVER! I ate lodgepoles and their creamy house dressing to my little hearts content! Thanks parents! That night Missy and her clan came into town. We whipped up some Honey Glazed Chicken and hung out all night. We got to meet Tyce, the newest addition. He was so adorable! It was so fun to hold him and hear his little baby grunts and squeals all weekend. Not to mention Jaxson, Kinsley, and those kids are fun! They have so much energy and we loved every minute with them. 
Nate, Alexsis, Carson and Madi came on Wednesday....WOO HOO! It is so fun to see them. Thank heavens for holidays. I wish we could have seen them more, but splitting between two families on both sides definitely causes some scheduling conflicts! We did eat together a couple of times, so that was fun. 
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were filled with shopping (although we didn't buy one thing!), food, and family. We ate Thanksgiving dinner at Jay and Marsha's with my family, and it was great. We got to chit chat with Quincy and Monica, as well as Ashley and Andrew, who are both living in Idaho right now so we don't see them very often. Pretty much the whole clan was there, and we had a blast eating and playing games afterwords.
On Thursday night we colored my hair brown! I love it, it ended up just perfect, thanks Missy!
Saturday was a super exciting day...I got to go and try on bridesmaid's dresses for Carrie's wedding! It was so fun! I probably tried on like 10 dresses, and we did come to a conclusion so that is always positive! She is getting married in 9 months and I am so excited for her. Afterwords we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch. MMM it was yummy! They definitely have good WINGS! My meal was just okay...but I guess that is expected since WINGS are their specialty!

Chelsea, Alyssa, Carrie, and Corrie.
We had such a great time and we can't go back to see everyone in only 21 days!!!!


Tammy Messick said...

Wow! Your hair looks incredible!

Ashley Wray said...

Love the hair! I need to be brave and just go brown for a change!
It was so good to see you guys and catch up! Glad we got to sit by you guys at the "grown up" table! See you in a few weeks!

AmandaS said...

GOTH!!! Just kidding, your hair looks great!

Brian and chelsea said...

wow - I now know everything you ate for like 3 days.
i really cant read your blog anymore. It makes me hungry. Especially the thought of a local pizza place... those are the best!