Saturday, November 1, 2008


Who knew Halloween could be fun after the age of 12?! Well, we had such a great time! We had two separate events to attend; the church sponsored Trunk or Treat, as well as the party that we threw!

Party #1:
Cody had to have two different costumes for the will see why the other one was not appropriate for a church party later! His first costume was a "Carrie Underwood" fan. We signed up for her fan club to get cheaper tickets and they sent us these we put them to use! He has "I love Carrie" tattoos all over his well as a tattoo of her head!

I was Cody all costume gets a little better at the next party. 
Katie was a massive crocodile, and Dan was the Crocodile Hunter! It was hilarious! 

Dan's socks made him really look like him! Especially the socks! The shorts needed to get a little shorter, though! 

Anyway, We worked so hard on our trunk...this took a lot of thought, and it ended up so good!

We had a heart on the sub woofer, and had it playing in a heartbeat. The kids were SOOOO scared to reach in! It was hilarious! Katie kept telling them that the monster might bite their hand...some took it seriously! Ha!

Now on to Party #2:
This was the party that the Barratt's and we hosted. It was so much fun! Cody went as................CHELSEA! Chelsea went as Cody! 

Cody went all out, he stuffed his bra and all. He even wore my clothes! (I don't feel too bad that he can fit in my capris...the didn't quite snap!) He seriously looked so good, necklace, bracelet, and all! I put a beard on myself, and wore his clothes...I even had my Ipod headphones around my neck and sported Cody's favorite band, Mae.

We tried to act like eachother...that didn't last long! Tanner and Brittany were Greek gods, they looks SOO you can tell, Brit and I are a little jealous in this pic...and Tanner is, well, freaked out!

We decorated cupcakes, ate my spider pie, and Katie made this awesome punch with a GREEN hand coming out of it!


Next was the pumpkin carving! We had so much fun, especially with the power drill that we brought to carve with! It worked great!

These are all of our the close up picture mine is on the left and Cody's is on the right. 

Here is a pic of all of us crazies dressed up! We had such a fun night...I can't wait for next year!


Ashley Wray said...

Oh my, seriously hilarious! I love Cody as you! He pulls it off so well! And I must say if it weren't for your chestal area you'd be a dead ringer for him :)
Don't feel bad that he almost fit in your clothes. I wore Andrew's suit from before his mission for our Halloween costume and the pants fit a little too well for my liking :)

Brianne, Dan and Lana!! said...

awesome Halloween!!! I LOVE katie and her hubby's costume. Cody looks great and I am gettin' a kick out of your "cody" facial expressions.

Kelly and Emilee said...

Looks like you had a fun party!

Luke and Lacee said...

Wow, what a fun halloween week! I love your trunk it looks so awesome! And you two look so hot dressed up as each other, love it! ~Lacee

AmandaS said...

Amazing trunk! I didn't know that you and Cody were such dresser-uppers! Very cute!