Saturday, November 15, 2008

Popcorn Anyone?

What is the most fun thing that you can think to do on a Saturday night?! Pop popcorn? Was that your first guess? I KNEW IT! Well, you should all be jealous because this is what I did from 10:00-11:45 pm!!! Woo-hoo for me! From popping to buttering to salting to bagging, my kitchen was looking pretty disastrous. In the end, however, I was able to jam everything into one corner...ALMOST!

Tomorrow is our primary program, the favorite sacrament meeting of the year, right?! Well, our kids have been working hard on their lines...and if they do good they will get popcorn! (Honestly, do you think after popping all of this that I would GIVE it to them?!) Anyway, say a little prayer for our primary kids; that they will be on time, that they will NOT YELL into the microphone, that we will be able to hear AND understand each of them, that they will remember the words to the songs...but most of all, that the congregation will feel of their love for our Heavenly Father and know that they are each A CHILD OF GOD.


Luke and Lacee said...

Primary program is for sure one of the best sacrament meetings every year, love them. Hope it went well! ~Lacee

Brian and chelsea said...

i totally know what you're going through!
I think i told you already - Im the primary pianist in our ward - so i was super nervous for our kids last week too. And nervous for myself - praying I wouldn't mess up and ruin the spirit!
Your kids are lucky - no treats for ours!
And it's actually better if they mess up - like one of our soloist kids said the last word of the song twice. Loudly: "someday...SOMEDAY"

so how did it end up going?