Friday, November 21, 2008

Carrie Underwood Concert!

We had SOOO much fun! I can't even explain it to you! We were 10 rows back (thanks to hub signing up for the Carrie Underwood fan club! ha!) and only 4 seats from the stage that came out into the middle of the crowd. She was so amazing! I could not believe how down to earth she was! She honestly told us that she was so lucky like 10 times. 

Sometimes I feel like stars are so fake, but she was wonderful! There was even a time that she tried to squeeze "Salt Lake City, Utah" into a song, and she totally messed up! She laughed right in the middle of the song, and made fun of herself after the song was over. She had awesome clothes, and she changed 3 times! (Well, 4 if you count the time that her dress ripped off to a mini skirt! Whew!) 

 I need her legs, let me tell you! She seriously just seemed like some small town girl thrown on this big stage that can entertain and sing like crazy! Her voice was out of this world! She even sang Guns and Roses "Paradise City".  Basically, I need to go to her concert again...TOMORROW!
Basically, my husband gave me an amazing anniversary gift! I love you babe!
This is me and Carrie, We are BEST BUDS!:


Ashley Wray said...

Hilarious, love that picture of you and Carrie. Before I scrolled down and saw the picture I thought you were talking about Carrie Eubank, like you'd run into her at the concert or something!
How fun is that and I think that Cody should be very proud of his membership in the Carrie Underwood fan club, glad his pic on my blog made his day! Oh, that's not the first time Cody has made me cry. He was at our house when I got home from Andrew's mission farewell and I was still a wreck. I remember him saying he hoped some girl was that broken up about him when he left on his mission, haha!

Jarem and Camilla said...

Chelsea! So jealous that you went to this concert! I bet it was amazing!
Ok this is really wierd but i know Nate Hymas. He was is my ward when we were little and he was best friends with my little brother. Haha! Small world!

Lacee said...

How fun! I had no idea that you and Carrie were so tight, that's sweet! ~Lacee

chelsea mckell said...

i totally know how you feel - I felt the same after the Josh Groban concert - like I need to go again... EVERYDAY. Great pics! Amazing seats! Your man scored big points ;)

ensadler said...

Ha HA I love the last picture and comment! Looks like fun, and I would like for you to introduce me to Carrie one day since you two are best buds!! Maybe you could get me some concert tickets for free!! Glad you had fun. See ya at Christmas.